March 22, 2012

Missing In Action!

Wow so sorry I have been M.I.A. lately!  Life has been moving non stop since January at a very fast pace. It's been up and down and all over the place.

At the End of January we had Baby Bear's official Birthday Party!!! It was so much fun, I worked my tail off getting ready for it. It didn't quite turn into my vision.....but it was still a lot of fun.

We had a Dr. appointment at Balboa Hospital for Baby Bear. They stuck him so many times with needles I couldn't be in the same room. I was in the waiting area and could ear him screaming. It was awful. It took everything I had not to break into the room and steal my bear away. Oh and the door was that made it a bit harder to get in as well. lol But he was such a good boy. 

On the 31st Baby Bear and I flew to Utah where we spent almost a month at my parents.  We didn't get out much, but we did get Baby Bear's pictures taken from Caitland Photography She really had a challenge since Baby Bear's front teeth were coming in and he was a huge fuss-bucket! But regardless of how fussy he was.....She did an amazing job. She got him to laugh and smile no matter what. ;0) 

Baby Bear and I tried sledding, and it worked for a few minutes......but alas we hit a small bump while I was pulling him in his sled.....and he was dressed up so snug with all his layers of clothing that he could hardly he tipped over and face planted it right in the snow.  So that little fiasco ended our little snow adventure. lol

We had to fly home early because of the AWESOME Marine Corps giving Papa Bear a last minute notice that he was going to North Carolina for training for a few months. So Baby Bear and I jumped on an earlier flight than planned and flew home. If it hadn't been for this really nice guy loaning us his iPad during the could have been a disaster because Baby Bear was fussy. But thank goodness for that iPad entertaining him!!! ;0)

We were home for a few days when we had to take Papa Bear and two other Marines to the airport. They gave Baby Bear and I gate passes so we could hang with Papa until he boarded his plane. I got the full frisk and pat down because I had food for Baby Bear with me. LAME! Yah I had a bottle which they tested, and then baby food pouches that were unopened. Now when we flew before we didn't have a problem with having these items in Long Beach or Salt Lake airports......But.....San Diego apparently said I couldn't have them. Ughhhhh When I told them I wasn't flying we just had gate passes......that is when they decided I had to have the full pat down.  I have to say I felt a bit violated! lol
     It was fun getting to hang with Papa Bear though. After he flew out Baby Bear and I went back to our car where we were assaulted with a $14 parking fee for 2 hours!!! Holy Moo Cow!!!

Our first week home I got the flu pretty bad. It got to the point where I couldn't even care for Baby Bear. So thank heavens I was able to call on the Military Missionary couple serving in our area. They came over and lt me rest and entertained Baby Bear and fed and cared for him. Wow they were such a blessing!!!!

Now we are just trying to survive. lol Baby Bear is getting his 5th tooth in. Yeaghhhh And I am trying to get the house in order, and organize my life a little. lol

Well that is my update for now. More soon I hope!!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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