October 10, 2013

The Three Bear's update!!

Life has been a real whirl wind lately. So much is happening that it seems a little hard to keep up.

     While Bear's is still not gaining weight and really growing....he is however growing a big personality.  I find myself laughing so much at the awesome, cute, and frustrating things he does.  He cracks me up!!

Papa Bear is busy with his trainings and workups to his deployment. Unfortunately he will miss all the holidays and celebrations this year and next year. But I already have some ideas on how to make up for that. I have been finding some great toys for Baby Bear from a local yard sale site. Who cares if they are slightly used. Baby Bear won't care as long as they are in good condition and he can get some good use out of them. I want to make up for the fact that Papa Bear won't be around for Christmas by overcompensating in the toy department. And since we are on a tight budget...Why not get him all I can when he won't know that some are used. ;0)  Like today I am picking up a spring horse that is normally $200 for $40 and it is in perfect condition. SCORE!!! Now the hard part will be getting it in my to small car, and having enough will power to hold out until Christmas. lol Papa Bear and I have proven we don't have much will power when it comes to Baby Bear. lol Yah we are suckers for the little guy.

I have been trying to get play dates for Baby Bear, but it is proving to be a lot harder than I ever thought it would be. I guess I just figured when I had kids that I would meet other moms and we would get together and let our Little's play together. But I am finding a hard time not only finding Moms with similar age kids, but also ones who don't mind having play dates after 10 a.m.!! Everyone seems to think play dates need to happen at like 7-9 a.m. Holy Moo Cow Batman!!! We are barely functioning at that time. Okay that is a lie. Baby Bear is functioning fine and hyper as ever....Me.....I am barely alive at that time. 
    Baby Bear had been pretty depressed since his Papa left for a training, and so the other day we scrounged together penny we owned so we could pay for parking at the local park. I would walk to it, but our road is not safe to walk on with a stroller.  So we drove to the park and decided we were going to collect some leaves to paint. We spent a few hours walking the 27 acre park and playing on the playground and in the sand at the volleyball court. We pet some dogs that were walking their humans, and found some amazing leaves for our art project.  The part that broke my heart is when I was ready to go I convinced Bears to go play on the side a few more times. The park had been void of kids the entire time, and Bears was lonely. But what do you k now 3 middle school girls showed up and were singing and practicing a dance in the amphitheater area. Well Baby Bear instantly saw them and said Friend? So I let him walk over to the girls.  He went over and started copying them. And they thought it was really cute. Then they wanted to be alone so decided to go somewhere else. Well  Baby Bear wanted to go with them. I got up to take him back and he wasn't happy he ran from me towards the girls. One of the girls grabbed his hand to lead him back to me. I picked him up and started to carry him away and he started screaming and crying Friends, Friends, Friends, Help, Friends. He had tears running down his little dirt covered face. My heart shattered into a million pieces. He wants to play with kids so badly. We have no neighbors around here that has any little kids. I joined a few mommy groups on meet up.com but most of them are early morning and they are in Oceanside, Temecula, and other towns farther away. Nothing local. We did get accepted into one local group but two weeks after joining we hadn't been able to get our schedules to work with Bears therapy and Dr. appointments and I couldn't pay the membership fee the week they wanted and so I was removed from the group. I feel like Baby Bear's medical issues is setting us apart from him being able to meet and make friends. It is very frustrating.

     Speaking of Dr. appointments  Baby Bear's speech therapist was not pleased with his G.I. doctor and so called him herself. What do ya know he told her completely different things than he told us. So after seeing him again we now have a meeting with the Surgeon next week. It looks like Baby Bear will be getting  feeding tube now. We just have to decide which kind, and how to feed at night so we don't hurt and stretch his little tum tum.  It's looking like he will have a little back pack he will wear all the time that has a little pump in it and administers the food automatically like a tablespoon an hour or something.  Meanwhile We are also trying to get his schooling started but that is proving to be a little challenging. ;0/  I swear nothing seems to go smoothly here.

Well since we have been MIA for a while here are some pictures to catch you all up.

XoXo- Mama Bear

Eating at Mama's favorite Place DZ Akins

 Scaring Mama and saying Rawrrrrr

 Helping Mama Move her crafting stuff.

 Going out on a hot date with Mama to the movies and to buy  dusty the plane afterwards.

 A Bear on top of the world.

 He took this picture himself.

 playing at the Trampoline Park.

 Saying PLEASE....... He wants my camera.

 Water Fight!!!

 Beach Day!!!
 First time at the Aquarium

 Papa was supposed to save this for the day before he deployed, but Bear's suckered him into giving it to him early. lol

 One very happy little bear!!

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