June 10, 2012

Summer has arrived

Summer has for sure arrived in Southern California.  It's been nice and warm, and busy around here.
The chaos has calmed down a tad since Papa got back from training.  He has let me have a few nights off and they were very much needed. I feel like I am starting to come out of that zombie foggy haze I felt I was in. I am still tired but not nearly as much.

I have been selling Scentsy like crazy!! I am working as hard as I can trying to get my name out into the community. It takes time to advertise, but I think it is slowly paying off.  Baby Bear is my little Scentsy mascot. He comes with me everywhere and he helps Mama sell. lol He is such a good trooper. He comes with me on all day trips getting in and out of the car. Loading and unloading the Scentsy. And he doesn't really complain.

Baby Bear did throw his first temper tantrum the other day. Yah it was super awesome. We had been standing in line at the bank for ages. I had to take care of something in my business account and it couldn't wait. Finally we were the next in line....but Baby Bear had enough. He started fussing eve though I had let him play with another little boy at the bank. He wanted all the pens on the counter and was not happy that Mama wouldn't allow him to take them. lol Poor little guy. Then I let him press the buttons on the credit card machine next to us and he loved that it made a beeping sound. But he was still being fussy and loud. Then when it was time to go and we had to give back the pen that was attached to the credit car machine it turned out to be the end of the world! He was super angry with his Mama. He fussed really loud as I was trying to hurry out of the store. His attitude wasn't improving much and it was only 11 a.m. and I still had a full day ahead. So I took care of a few things and then called Papa around 1:30 and Papa took the bear for me so I could finish out my day without dragging a mad screaming baby around. Poor Papa couldn't accomplish anything with him so he went home from work. lol

This last week I had my first Scentsy party hosted by a friend.  It was a girls night out and had other vendors there like 31 bags, Pampered Chef, and ME!!!!! I had built a huge display and it turned out really nice. I was pretty happy with it. It held all the Scentsy Bars so I had more room to display the warmers as well.  It looked pretty nice. ;0) It took over an hour to set it all up, and about an hour to take it all down and pack it up. I need to get better at that. But for it being my first time setting it all up It wasn't so bad.  Papa had agreed to come home around 2-2:30 so I could get the car loaded and drive to my friends. But he never came home. So I took Baby Bear with me to the party and Papa was to meet me there before the party and pick the bear up. Well 2 hours into the party he still hadn't showed. at 7p.m. he said he was cleaning up trying to get off work. But when I left the party at 11p.m. Papa still hadn't showed.  I felt bad because I wasn't prepared to have Baby Bear with me that long so he hadn't really eaten. I gave him some of the snacks and he like that but he didn't have a nap or a substantial meal which resulted in him being grumpy and fussy the whole night. Luckily he had his girlfriend P to play with. But he would still get sick of everything and come to me fussy and sad. But he was a real trooper. Once we got the car all packed up and ready to go  we hadn't even been in the car 5 minutes and that little cutie was passed out cold. lol So sweet! He is really well behaved.

Friday Night when I got home late from my day of selling Scentsy Papa and Baby Bear had made spaghetti. Luckily they had done so as around 7p.m. the power dimmed in the whole house and some of the lights wouldn't even turn on. Then around 10p.m. it flickered, I heard an explosion outside like a gunshot and then the power went out completely. ughhh  I took baby bear out of his dark room and cracked open one of Papa's military Chem lights that last like 20 hours or something and are insanely bright, And stuck the bear in bed with Papa. I still hadn't pumped because with the power running so low my pump wouldn't turn on. My computer couldn't even charge we had such little power. So I grabbed my little tiny pump and went to the car around midnight when I figured the power wasn't going to come back on. Ohhhh and I had such a busy day I hadn't pumped yet so I was in PAIN!! I sat in the car for an hour and pumped using the car jack. lol  Oh the things I do for my Baby Bear!! lol I called the power company to get a guesstimate of what time it might get turned back on and they said 4 a.m. Awesome.  I finished pumping, went back in the house and lit the kerosene lamps around the house so we would have light for the night.  At 10:30 a.m. the next day the power finally came back on. lol

I think I have made up my mind to stop pumping if I can. I am soooooo sick of doing it. I mean I have been doing this for 16 months straight. I hate it. I know it is for an awesome little guy and I have been fortunate enough to feed 2 other babies with it. But I am over it!!! Each time I pump I have to do it for an hour because I produce soooo stinking much! (on average 54 oz) I just feel bad that I don't want to do it and am scared what it will do to my little man. He barely weighs 17lbs. now.  So I am scared he will be mad he isn't getting Mama's milk. IDK what to do, I just know  I am super tired and over it.

Well that is all for now. I had the house to myself today and wrote this while I took a small break from cleaning. lol  Talk to you all soon

XoXo-Mama Bear

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