October 6, 2012

My first Embroidery Project!

I wanted to start out with this.......
This is so insanely true for me. And then when you don't hear them crying or screaming I feel I have to get out of the shower just to check and make sure that my little man isn't trying to set my house on fire, or the dog. lol  No peace for Mama's!
So recently Papa and I celebrated our 12 year anniversary. Holly Moo Cow! I know!!! With as much as we have had against us it is incredible that we have made it this far.  Instead of a romantic dinner that wouldn't taste that great, and more money would be spent on child care and the name of the restaurant than the actual quality of the food. So.....We decided to take the Bear to NeverLand...I mean Disneyland. lol   So on said day we all woke up in bed together. Yah the bear is big enough that he now crawls into bed with us in the middle of the night. We don't care so much, we are soooo tired and he sleeps a lot better so why not. And also..... Who wouldn't LOVE waking up next to a sweet little Baby Bear?!!  So on the 29th of September we woke up to a sweet little boy smiling at us.
Papa and Baby Bears  handed Mama some wrapped items.  Well it turns out that my sneaky little squirrels had searched out and found Mama an Embroidery Machine to start with. It is pretty awesome. I got a card that said they owed me 1 embroidery machine lol as they didn't have it yet. 
So on Tuesday we got to go get it. I walked around looking at all the cool sewing stuff and loving it. And then we loaded our machine and went home. I didn't open it right away as I was pretty intimidated by it. I searched on you tube for some instructional videos first, and waited for the bear to go to sleep. I stayed up late watching a really great video about my machine. So no unpacking happened. That night I somehow hurt my back UBER bad. I have no idea what happened but when the bear woke up that night, I got up to get him and when I sat up I was in lots of pain. Wednesday came and I couldn't do anything. Blah.... I was pretty helpless. Poor Papa had to get the house cleaned up without me since our Land Lord thought he would stop by for a walk through. Ughhhh I hate that invasion of Privacy.  Friday I was feeling a little better and so at the end of the day I felt good enough to sit in a chair long enough to try out my machine. he he he   So here is a picture. I still have tons and tons to learn about all of this. But I have to say I only see two mistakes on it.... Not bad for my first project.
It was pretty fun playing with it. And then Papa made an amazing dinner, and we watched Dark Shadows since the Bear went to sleep on time. woooohooooo It was a funny dorky movie. It makes fun of Twilight a few times. But hey who doesn't like Johnny Depp!!!

XoXo-Mama Bear

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