January 12, 2013

Real Drops of Awesome!

So the other day I came across a blog from a friend, and it was amazing. So I commented on it HERE

Well as many of you might have caught on last year was really crap-tastic. Meaning it was fantastically crap. lol I struggled with many things in my life, and depression took a hold of me.  I found a great book that started to help, and got some more help along the way. And so it was great after so long of a dark year to be able find good things again.

My Dear Friend S whom I just love bought me a jar the other day and mini pony beads so I can put drops of awesome in my own jar. I laughed when she gave it to me. It was so sweet and cute and loving. I thought it was silly. But after such a sweet gift was given I had to give it a try.

So today I used my jar and filled it with my own drops of awesome. And I have to say is it was super fun to find reasons to put some Awesome in my jar.

So I will show you a picture of my jar and all my drops of Awesome as soon as I can upload it.

XoXo-Mama Bear

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