January 18, 2014

First day of Pre-School!!

Oh my goodness!!  I cannot believe that my Baby Bear is starting half days at school right now. WOW!!! How is that even possible?

So over the last few months the Bear and I have gone through tons of little poking and prodding and questions. Bear's did a lot of tests for about 7 different people I think to see if he qualified for some special classes to help him talk more, and communicate better. It was a little stressful, but he did qualify. And of course the night before his IEP meeting everyone, and I mean EVERYONE backed out of coming that was going to be an advocate for Riley. Ughhhhh go figure.

But then his first day was here. they allowed him to come a week early as it was only a few days before he turned three and just get a feeling of what is going on so that his official first day wouldn't be so overwhelming as 3 other kids were starting that day as well. So it would also make it easier for his teacher as well.

I was so excited and scared at the same time to let him go. His first day I spent about an hour and a half in the class with him. But when he thought I was leaving he got upset and so I stayed a little longer. I sat in the car for about 30 minutes and watched him play. But at the very end of the day he bonked heads with another little boy when they were in circle time and he got a little rambunctious and that was the end for him. He cried and cried. But he did good for the first day.  The second day I sat in the car for most of the class and then the teacher sent me home and I had 30 minutes to myself!!!! Holy Moo Cow batman!!! lol  The third day he went the entire class without needing his Mama!!! Wow!!! Here are his first day pictures!!

XoXo- Mama Bear
I let Bear's pick out his first day of school outfit. Thomas the Train was his pick. ;0D

 I spray painted the canvas and then after it dried I applied vinyl to it. Then I let him finger paint all over it while in the tub the night before.  After I dried it with a blow drier I peeled the Vinyl. A little paint had bled through, so the next morning I traced it out with a silver pen to fix it. I forgot to take an up close picture of it I think.  But it says:
First day of Pre-School
January 13, 2014
Ms. black
Bonsall Elementary

Playing after school.

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