January 19, 2014


Ohhhh my goodness my little man has turned 3!  Holy Moo Cow Batman!!

This weekend was Baby Bear and I's birthday weekend bash!! lol   Friday was my (ahem 34th) Birthday. Now unfortunately since getting married Chuck doesn't care for holidays and celebrations so I have got used to it becoming not a big deal anymore.  Growing up Birthdays were and still are a huge celebrating event. But not here. So as depressing as that sounds. I did whole bunches of nothing.  That isn't true, actually  I spent the day running around taking Bear's to his appointments, and grocery shopping. lol I know I am a real wild woman. ha ha   while I fantasize about going out with friends and getting to celebrate over dinner and a movie and enjoying talking to people, I don't live in that world. I don't have people I hang out with, so it would be more like me going to a restaurant as old lady party of one. lol  Maybe I get a do-over in the next life.

Enough of that.  So Saturday was the big celebration day for Baby Bear. I took him to Monster Jam.

Sunday was his actual Birthday!!  I read a book years ago and while it was a little odd in places, it was fun. It was The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.  And yes I have a Ya-Ya name: Duchess Magnolia Blossom. lol   Well back to the book.  The mom in the book would wake the kids up on their birthday morning after their dad had gone to work. And she had made them a special cake with candles just for them that morning. I thought that was such a cool thing, and really wanted to do something special like that for my little man. 

Now this put me into a situation though. With only two of us in the house, and Bear's doesn't really care to eat that much..... We need two cakes in the house like we need a whole in the head. Also Baby Bear loves to help me cook. While he may not eat it at all. He does love to help make things. I don't want to take that away from him.  So how do I give him a cake in the morning, and not take that away from him?  So on the way home from Monster Jam it was late and Bear's was passed out asleep in the car. I grabbed a chocolate muffin at the store and stuffed it in my bag.

So Sunday Morning Baby Bear was brought out onto the back patio (our new hang out spot) and he was given milk in his cup and a chocolate muffin with a squiggly candle on top. He was super excited. And after he blew out the candle he kept asking me to re-lite it so he could blow it out again and again. lol We went through an entire book of matches doing this. lol But he loved it. And the bonus part was...... Bear's figured out that he had to poke out his lower lip to blow out the candle. wooohoooo

Now I am sure you are reading this thinking really, he figured out how to poke out his lower lip and you want to stop the presses for that? Well one of the reasons Bear's has a speech problem is because he sucks in his lower lip, and so he cannot pronounce words, or blow out a candle.  So once he figured that out he was mighty proud of himself. he he he  I was pretty proud as well.

This is him asking me to do it again. lol

He is such a ham for the camera!!
Next for the day was a whirlwind of things to do. Bear's played  and played outside, while Mama cleaned up in the kitchen. I had to get the dishwasher unloaded and re-loaded to get the counters cleaned and dishes washed so Bear's and I could make his birthday cake. I got a lot of cleaning done while he played, and I took lots of breaks outside with him. 

I think he is ready for the MLB

I mean c'mon look at that stance!!! lol

Doing his dance because he won!!

Mad skills right?!!!

Giving his bestest buddy a huge hug.

Just chillin

Bear's is pretending to be a doggie like Harley

Ruff Ruff

I even filled up the turkey cooker with 4 pork roasts, 12 potatoes, a bag of carrots, a stalk of celery, 9 cups of water with 3 packs of beef gravy mix, 1 box of Chicken Broth, and 3 onions. Yummo
Finally  I got things done and cleaned up enough we could make his cake. lol   What an ordeal this turned out to be. And my floor is now covered in powdered sugar. But seriously who cares. He has so much stinking fun. And after him asking the whole day if he could make his cake...... Why  not let him go all out and make it himself. lol He really loved it. I mean you really can't tell at all by the grin on his face or anything.
Making the Red Velvet Cheesecake Swirl cake

Mixing the Red Velvet cake

It needed a few extra scoops of Powdered sugar from the bear. Or maybe it didn't need it, but it was so fun scooping that he couldn't stop. lol

First layer of red velvet done. Then he glopped some cheesecake on top and we swirled it around.


Next we added the top layer of the cake

we taste tested the spatula, and then glopped more cheesecake on top and swirled again.

Next we had to check on the cake

One must watch it carefully.

So the Bear is using his awesome homemade binoculars to keep his eye's on it

I see you!!!


After the cake is baked and cooling we made the frosting. This is his Holy heck Mama it tastes like Heaven face!!!

He licked the spoon and got a mustache instead. lol He wouldn't let me wipe it off and kept it the whole evening. lol

 He is soooo super excited

Next was a real challenge for me. Lol It took mad skills trying to keep him out of the cake, but get the presents from Grandma and Grandad Bear out of the closet, and the present from Papa Bear out as well.  Then as I am setting it all up I realize that I forgot to get Baby Bear something for his Birthday. SERIOUSLY?!!!! Ughhhh Epic Mama Bear Fail!  So...... I set it all up, and let him have a go at it.


(sorry I can't add anymore pictures)
And after blowing out the candles, and opening presents.....He wasn't even slightly interested in eating the cake. lol Go figure.   lol He played with his toys while we waited by the computer to Skype with his Papa. He fell asleep waiting, and I carried him into bed.
The next morning I realized that I had indeed bought my Bear a Birthday Present. lol  When I went to get the gifts from the closet, I grabbed the box of gifts from my parents that was sitting on top of the fire engine house set I got him. Ughhhhhhh Where is my Brain??? lol
XoXo-Mama Bear!


  1. Don't be too down on yourself, Think it's more normal than you think to not have friends to hang out with. As long as you have your sweet adorable family that's really all you need. I feel the same way a lot. Bear it's so so cute, and you can just see happiness all over his face. His smile it's contagious... And so is yours. That cake looks AMAZING, IN WAN IT NOW! I also want your pink mixer! Looks like he enjoyed his weekend... bet the monster truck show rocked! =)

  2. Oh and what the heck!? How did you celebrate YOU!? your birthdays are within days really, how COOL!