April 5, 2014

Finding Small Joys in each day

Nothing has changed much. If anything life seems to be a little more challenging. But thanks to a friend who posted on instagram a little over a week ago called #kellbellsgratitudchalenge has been a good help to me.  I have been writing in my journal more, and even started decorating them again. ha ha I know it sounds weird, but I love to decorate and draw in my journals. And over the last few years I had stopped drawing and decorating. Now I am not an artist, but it s fun to doodle.

I am trying to get enough money to move, but alas I have not gotten them help promised yet. I am not sure what I will do, but if I have to go to the Marines for help I will.

Baby Bear hasn't been doing that great. My poor little boy has basically been starving to death. The Dr. figured out that between what he was getting, and what he was throwing up he was only getting about 400 of his 1400 calories. My poor little man. ;0/ This has been a very emotional roller coaster trying to figure out how to best take care of Baby Bear and how to best get him to eat.  It is amazing what people say to me when they find out he has a G-Tube.  Things like : Well just take his tube out, and he will eventually get hungry enough to eat. lol WOW!!! Really lady?!!! Ughhhh some people's inability to filter what they say just amazes me.

Life has been terribly lonely, but  will survive it I think. If not I am going to give it a valiant effort. I
have had to fight with Bear's school about providing him with a school nurse. Well law states they have to, but it is trying to get them to follow it that is challenging.

We now have three nurses that help take care of my Bear 7 days a week. It gives me a break and allows me to get some things done. It has been a blessing for Bear as well as two of his nurses are men and he just loves the time he gets to do boy things that his Mama clearly just doesn't understand. ha ha ha

Every day he does things that just amaze me, and make me realize how truly special and amazing this little boy is.

XoXo- Mama Bear
Best buds hanging out


He loves flashlights, and wearing his headlamp.

Bear's Valentines gift to his class

Bear's Valentines gift to his class

My sweet boy!!

waiting patiently to give his best girl Miss. Melaine her Valentines present. ;0)

His sad face because she walked by and didn't stop.

His valentines, and belated birthday gift.

The saddest face in the world.

He is now a big enough boy that he can peddle his own bike.

One of these things is not like the other.

It was so much fun to get to take my mom to my favorite place to eat. DZ Akins.

poor Harley puts up with so much. lol Bear's wouldn't let him leave. He had to stay right in that spot so he could put the track over him. ha ha ha

Can you see the Bear?


Best Friends

The sweetest little sick pup

Bear's wearing his duck feet from the hospital. He loves wearing them.

GoodNight NeverLand

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