April 6, 2014

First official Playdate from school

Sunday March 30 Baby Bear had his first official play date from school.  He was pretty darn excited about it, and I think I was as well. lol

We met his best buddy Ronin at the Jump park and the boys jumped for about an hour and a half until I think Ronin was getting burned out from all the play and it being past nap time. lol We drove home and poor little Ronin was so worn out he fell asleep in the car We stopped to get some Nessy Burgers and fry sauce, and then let OnStar guide us to Ronin's house. Alas my OnStar led us astray by like a lot. We got so lost and I ended up having to call his mom and ask her where she lived. lol Well we ended up being about 10 miles in the opposite direction from where they lived. wow. So we were pretty late getting back, but the boys had so much fun, and we will for sure have to do it again. ;0)

Hugging at school because they are so excited to see each other.

After we got back, we snacked on our now cold but super yummy Nessy Burgers. Bear's took his bath, and we hung out and built some cool train tracks in the living room.

 Next I made some super yummo homemade corn dogs. They tasted amazing. But first I tried to smoke us out of the house. lol  I got the oil way to hot and it filled the house with a whole lot of smoke. ha ha ha  The smoke alarm only got about 2 beeps out of it. lol But we did have to open the front door, windows in the living room, and the windows and doors in the kitchen open with 3 or 4 fans running to clear out the smoke. ha ha ha Oh well I mean hey if I am not cooking the house is safe. But if I start to cook You all better run for cover. ha ha
 Right after his nurse left Bear's passed right out. ha ha Sweet little boy.
XoXo- Mama Bear

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