May 1, 2012

Keeping them in business

So yesterday was once again an eventful day. We managed to get up, get dressed, and make it out the door in time to get to Nursery right when it was starting. I don't mind being the new Nursery leader, but it is just one more thing piled on me and therefore more stress for this Mama Bear. I can't get Baby Bear fed, me pumping for an hour and us out the door in time without getting up around 5:30 or so. And you know sleep is sooooo insanely more important than anything else. lol So we seem to miss Sacrament for now and only get to Nursery with seconds to spare. I am sure things will change a little once Papa Bear comes back. But until then.....I am stretched out so thin that I can't let myself stress about anything else because I tear easily and it's not pretty when I do. lol

    We got to Nursery fought off the one little girl who is a little aggressive, but thank goodness the mean little boy was gone. We played, drove in the car, and got to play with the new sensory board. Oh and he played with his new girlfriend. We had a snack and I got a little yogurt down his little tum tum and that was good.

After church we rushed home, and I tried to get Baby bear to nap, but alas he would not. So I hurried and pumped While baby bear played with his new train table.

Then we jumped in the car and headed on base. I took Baby Bear to his first movie. It was a special kids movie that was being shown as sensory sensitive. So lights were on and the sound was supposedly quieter.  It was fun and Baby Bear thought it was wicked Awesome at first and then got bored. So I watched The Lorax while walking back and forth in the back of the theater with a wiggling bear.  He learned how to drink from a straw and drank my cup of water, and stuck his hand in it a few times. lol I gave him some licorice. He loves Red Vines but never really eats them. He chews it for a minute and then throws it on the floor. So he only ate maybe half of one.

 we headed home and I tried and failed at getting him to eat and take a nap again. So we played, hung out, and cleaned up the house a little.  For dinner I made some noodles which he wouldn't eat, and gave him some Strawberry Banana yogurt which he took a few bites of and then turned away.  After dinner I started Baby Bears bath like normal and we played our silly little games that we always play.  We get on the floor on all fours and slap the ground with our hands and roar like a bear. It's pretty cute to see him do that. Well when he bent over blood ran down his legs. I freaked out and grabbed him and ripped off his diaper. Blood and poop was everywhere. I was so shocked and scared. I thought of dialing 911, and Papa Bear, and should I or shouldn't I. I dressed the bear, called Papa 7 times before I got through, and we jumped in the car and headed to the E.R. on base again.

I brought the diaper with in a Ziploc bag and when the nurse and Dr. saw it their eyes got huge. We weighed the bear (still 15lbs.) took his vitals......a slight fever but nothing to be concerned about. And then we sat and waited for 2 flipping hours! Good thing my bear wasn't bleeding or anything. Ughhhhhh Finally the Dr. came in did a blood test and it came back negative for blood. They believe it was the strawberry licorice and yogurt he ate.  Now he didn't even get a whole piece of licorice, and he has had it before and we have never had this problem. And he eats the strawberry Banana yogurt everyday. So I don't see how that could look like blood. But he was fine. I was so relieved that it wasn't blood. Phew!! That was soooooo scary. All I could think of was my bear is dying and I can't stop it.

So we got home around midnight, and I gave the bear a bottle and tucked him in bed. He woke again an hour later, I gave him another bottle and he slept till 5. I fed him again and he slept till 10!!! woot woot! Here are our pictures while we were waiting in the E.R.

So I guess we just like to keep the E.R. in business. I mean hey what would they do without our Bi-weekly visits right?!!! lol Ughhhhh Never a dull moment here.

XoXo-Mama Bear ;0/

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