May 13, 2012

Photos in NeverLand

So as promised here are our photos from DisneyLand!!

On our Way in our new Big boy car seat facing forward!

Flirting with the girls at the ticket window

Still flirting

The Goof Man!

I hate how I look, but love how Bears looks
Baby Bear's very first ride!!
On our first ride with our Aunt Caity and Cousins
Just found Mama after our first ride!!

Our new hat

Rockin the hats with Mama

It's a Small World

Casey Jr. Train Ride

The Bear loved watching the Dumbo ride!!

Hangin with the cousins


Passed out right as we were getting on the ride. lol Poor Bears

The one ride I couldn't wait to take Baby Bear on, and he slept for like 5 minutes....and right through the ride. BLAST!

The ducks ate out of my hands. I fed them pops...Yah I am one of THOSE people.

Just got faces painted

Rockin with the Bear
Rockin out with the Bear
Hangin out with our awesome cousins

Making Baby Bear laugh and laugh

Waiting for our first Disney Parade to start in the Jacket that our Aunt Bobbi gave us for our birthday! Thanks!!!

Segway carousel horses= Awesome

I spent most of my first Scentsy paycheck to get this for my Bears room.

Lilli Vanilli's din din. lol I think it weighed more than her

Sorry KK I had to take this!

Lilli Vanilli making Ethan laugh

Allie hiding. lol

California Adventure looks like the outside from Xanadu

The Humiliating ride home.

A little Bear all tuckered out from a day of fun!


GoodNight NeverLand!!!!

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