May 11, 2012

Playing in NeverLand

Yesterday was an amazing day full of fun, chaos, and a lot of walking!

   The bear and I invested in a Disneyland annual pass. It was the smartest and best choice we had. We live so close and want to play with the bear in the Happiest place on earth.  So doing the monthly payments was best for us. We get free parking, 365 days a year of playing, and 20% off of food and merchandise.  So Yesterday with my amazing Sister was the first day we got to go play.

   The trip started off pretty lame. We got to Disneyland found parking and I loaded up the stroller with the Diaper bag, pump and supplies. Baby Bears food, my purse, and a sweater. We waited in line for the bus to take us to the park and when the bus came I was told that I had to fold it all up and carry it on. I couldn't hold it all and Baby Bear, and the stroller. No one would help me and I was told I had to walk to the park. An Hour later we finally arrived at the park. ;0(  It was hot and humid and I had to go to the bathroom when we had arrived at parking, so by now I was dying.  We finally got out ticket, and got into the park and found my sister. We sat down and ate some lunch, then she took Baby Bear and I went into the coolest Mothers room ever.  They had chairs to nurse in a secluded room. A really nice changing area. A special room for Little's who are potty training, a room for pumping in private that I used, a kitchen, nice high chairs with trays, and they sell baby food, diapers, and such. It was so nice and cool and comfortable there.  Baby Bear went on the space rocket ride with my sister and loved it.   I was able to store my pump at the First Aid station with the nurses for free so I didn't have to rent a locker!!!! ;0)

  So things were looking up!! We went on the ride It's a Small World, and Baby Bear thought it was pretty dang awesome!! He stared with his mouth open the whole time. lol We rode on the cute little animal train that wraps around the storybook boat ride. Then we stood in line for the Dumbo ride which I have never been on and really wanted to take Baby Bear on it. Well it was warm, he was strapped to me in the Ergo, and when it was our turn to ride....he had fallen asleep. lol Poor little bear. It was just so much excitement.  He woke up a little as we rode around in Dumbo, but didn't seem to care so much. ha ha Then we walked around. My nieces and nephew went to get face paintings, and I got a picture painted of Riley's name in a Disney theme.

We went to Tomorrow Land and Baby Bear got his first pin trading lanyard and pin....Mickey dressed as a Pirate!! ;0) Seeing as how I want to do his room in a Peter Pan theme.....I found it fitting to get a pirate pin. lol

We walked all over, hung out, and had fun. Baby Bear loves playing with his cousins. They got him laughing and giggling.  Mama and Baby Bear got matching sun hats, and protected ourselves from the sun pretty good. I was scared I wouldn't be able to keep him from getting sun burned since he is so fair.....but he did okay. He didn't even get sun kissed. I did a little, but I don't care. ;0)

It was fun taking Baby Bear all over the park. He loved it so much. He did so well. He never took a nap, never had a melt down, and no rides scared him. ;0) He loved getting to meet Goofy, and the parade was extra cool to him. ;0D

For dinner we grabbed a table, and Baby Bar ate pretty well.  My sister ran into a VIP with people who looked like Secret Service. She said someone said it was Obama. When I was on my way out of the park I asked a cast member and they said Obama's kids were here. I looked it up on the net and he had flown in earlier in the day to have a fundraising meeting with George Clooney. So I guess it could have been. Who knows. It was also grad night and 3,000 loud obnoxious kids were running around. lol.

I left the park around 9:30 p.m. only to run into the same problem again with the buses. I knew I couldn't walk back 4 blocks or so to the parking in the dark by myself with a huge blister on my foot and not get lost and die. I didn't even know where it was. They wouldn't let me ride the bus, and wouldn't help me on. I was soooo mad. What is the point in paying all that money for a pass if you can't even get a ride back to your car? I was tired and frustrated that I started to tear up. I was so angry. No one would help me. Finally One of the supervisors talked to his super and they told me I couldn't ride the bus. I was ready to start yelling.  I asked what they did with wheel chairs.....and they said they strap them in. I just looked at him like he was an idiot.  So they took me to an empty bus and let me on. Strapping the stroller down with 4 straps!! Lame!!! I was the only one on the bus. It was so humiliating.

I finally got back to my car, loaded it up, put the sleeping bear in his new big boy car seat, and we headed home. It took forever, but we made it. lol

So that was our trip. ha ha  It was super fun to take Baby Bear to the Happiest Place on Earth!!!

Pictures to follow in next post. ;0)

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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