May 2, 2013

The Mighty Woman

It is amazing how far the Woman has come in life.  First we appeared as this weak little thing that can't handle herself in public. That is regarded as second to a man. But upon a closer look one could see the strength of these women.

Over time the Woman has evolved into a fierce being not to be toyed with.  Women have learned that they can use this power for good or evil.  Many of us test the waters with this power. Small probes at first testing out our independence and some go further than others.  Some use the power to rebel against what we have been taught but eventually fall into stride with others. And some refuse to become an adult constantly feeling like the world is out to get them and make many mistakes in life.
     What some do from that point is either grow and learn, or forever be the victim and become bitter and cruel.

If you knew the old me at all, I was constantly pushing the boundaries of my life. I made many wrong decisions and hurt some who were close to me.  I was a little slow on the whole learning thing. But it is what it is. I will forever pay the consequences of my past decisions. Some I will never be able to escape.

I have loved, lost, and been hurt. I have been crushed by those closest to me to the point where I didn't think I could survive. Even after this last year I have somehow survived the worst pain and betrayal I have ever felt. I still feel I am weak and in pieces, but I grow from this daily. It is just one of many trials in my life.

A point I wanted to make is Women are the Monarch in the family that holds everything together. We have so much power and influence for good or evil. No matter if we are part of a singular family, or if many are involved.  We hold the power to dictate the outcome.  We can choose to forgive painful mistakes, overlook weaknesses, and still charge forward making our family a better place. Or we can stay stuck in a vindictive cycle of pain and hurt.

Some might remember my friend Amazing J who struck out on he own as a single mom in a community that is known as less than welcoming to that.  Even though the father of her child had hurt her beyond repair and she felt it was better for her and her child to strike out alone. She was able to move past the pain and resentment and forgive. Once she let that go she opened up her life to so many amazing things. Now she is happy and thriving. She knows that her ex will be in her life always and she has made peace with that and has embraced his new family as well. They are one huge family now. Not what some think as the conventional family, but a family regardless of past actions.

If you are in a situation where you have more in your family than you thought, You have a unique situation for your child if it is yours, or your spouses. You can now use your power to bring the family together regardless of how you feel about some of them, or you can forever choose to be the victim and or be cruel. The choice is up to you. You have the ability to shape your world. Granted you always dislike them, but do not plant that seed in children. They will be just as adventurous as we were and figure out what opinion they have on the situation. But you can show them that they are loved from all regardless.  Do not over-ride the mother, and do not underestimate the power of the step-mother. Do not be vindictive and cruel. Let it go. Once something happens it is done, things are already moving into the past.
Be strong, and choose to move forward for the better.

The Woman is amazing and powerful. Never forget that.

XoXo- Mama Bear

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