April 29, 2013

The Finger!

This evening as we were winding down the day Baby Bear gave me the finger. yup!

Now first let me paint you a picture. Some cartoon was on in the background, Papa was playing on his phone, and I was on my computer while Bear's played with his cars next to me.  When Baby Bear would turn away to look at the television I would steal some of his cars and hide them. This kept up until no cars remained. Finally he caught on to what was happening and got some of his cars back. But he was still missing two of his big cars. I hinted to where they were and he found one. As he took it back he told me NO! (very sternly) I laughed. I tried to steal another car from him as his back was turned but he caught me red handed. He turned to me and squared his little shoulders up and looked me right in the eye as he pointed his little finger at me and waved it back and forth telling me NO, NO, NO!!! I almost died laughing it was so stinking cute. ha ha ha
So I said I was sorry. Then I filled his pants with all of his cars until they fell down. We were both laughing from it.
I love this little boy so very much! Could he possibly get any cuter!!!! lol

Yesterday Papa took us out to get some supper at Denny's. We couldn't find anything to feed the Bear that he would actually eat, so we thought maybe he would eat at Denny's.  He ate half a grilled cheese sandwich and that was it. But we had fun.
Papa and Bear's rolled up the place mats and used them as swords. ha ha ha This little boy sure melts his Mama's heart!

Well I am off to read some more from my book The Iron Knight before bed.
GoodNight NeverLand!!!

(I thought this was a cute saying)
XoXo- Mama Bear

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