April 26, 2013

Great and entertaining week!

Even though my little Baby Bear has been sick all week, it has been a good week. My little bear has literally been in my lap the whole week all day long. I haven't had this much cuddle time since he was a newborn. And I have been enjoying every second of it. He is doing a lot better today and only has a cough left. But I still canceled all the weeks appointments just so we could take it easy. But I really have loved all the snuggle time I have got to have with my little man.

I do have to say I am a little jealous though. While Bear's is a whiny little boy for me all day, as soon as his Papa comes home he is a completely different little Bear. lol He hardly whines, and is so cheery it slightly makes me a little mad that he won't be that nice for me. lol But not much I can do about it I guess. ha ha ha

My little circus Bear has been learning all sorts of things. lol  Today I caught him with his leg stuck through his fisher Price little people wheelies loops and swoops amusement park. I have no clue how he got his leg that high up in it. He started laughing when he couldn't get it down. lol Ohhhh what a little troublemaker I have. ha ha ha
He got his leg stuck through the little opening with the star. Yah can you say Trouble Maker?!!! lol

My little circus Bear has learned how to make his Mama laugh so hard she cries. lol

My little circus Bear has learned to get himself in some odd positions. And he wasn't happy. lol
My little circus Bear has learned how to be a superhero even in his sleep.

My little circus Bear has also learned that things fit in his nose besides his finger of course. lol
Yes that is a cheeto

My little circus Bear has learned how to properly destroy the living room by emptying the dirty close hamper all over the living room, while stripping down to his diaper, and emptying his blocks container so he can play cars in it. Yah my Bear can Multi-Task like a champ. lol

My little circus Bear has learned to re-enact scenes from movies....like E.T.

My little circus Bear knows how to ride in shopping carts in style. lol

My little circus Bear has unfortunately learned how to tell his Mama NO! Although it is really cute and hard not to laugh when he holds his hand up to stop you or even worse points his little finger at you and very sternly tells you NO in his little defiant voice!

My little circus Bear has learned that Scentsy Boxes are perfect life size building blocks and can get you high enough to reach things you probably shouldn't be getting into. lol

My little circus Bear has tamed and learned to ride the wild Harley. lol What a good dog.

And My little Circus Bear has learned how to "hide hide" as he says when it is time to change his diaper. sneaky little Bear!

I just love my little man. He sure knows how to entertain his Mama and keep her on her toes all the time. But he is soooooo worth it.

XoXo-Mama Bear

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