April 19, 2013

It's a Bear's life for me.

Life has been crazy here for a little while. Mama Bear feels like she isn't keeping up with life, and Bear's I think is actively helping in that department. lol

Baby Bear is getting so big. Now he isn't really growing big and tall, but I can see that he is getting bigger. My little daredevil has now taught himself to grab my Scentsy boxes or a chair and drag it over to the book shelves, table, or someplace he normally cannot reach. He drags it over and climbs up on top so he can dig through the things that Mama normally though were out of reach. BLAST!! I am in so much trouble. ha ha ha He sure knows how to keep his Mama on her toes. Oh my little boy!

His eating has not improved at all, and it worries me. Not only does he have terrible eating habits, but he also has a picky toddler appetite as well. Yup my little man will gobble up a certain food one day and the next he won't even touch it. ughhhh And he eats better if his Papa is home than if it's just us two. And Papa is hardly home for meals so that makes it even harder to get him to eat. But not much I can do about it, so I just have to keep trying.

Some things I have noticed about my little bear is that he does not like to paint, but he loves to draw and color. ha ha He adores anything with a car or truck. He plays with cars most of the day. He loves his Mega Blocks but that is mostly to make something that his cars can drive through. ha ha

Mama Bear has been actively trying to de-junk her house. But even though we have taken 4+ truck loads to the donation center, thrown away a ton of stuff, and even had the salvation army pick up a load...... it still does not seem like I have done anything. blah! I keep moving things around, trying to organize, and sort through items and get rid of stuff, but alas it feels like I am not even making a dent in this house.  But I guess I need to keep pressing forward. lol

The weather is starting to warm up here, and Papa brought home a swimming pool for the family yesterday. We are excited for it to warm up and for us to set it up. Bear's loved his little pools we have had for them, but the cheap little pools seem to only survive for a year and then they crack and break. I wish they lasted longer, but oh well. I guess that is what ya get for buying a cheap pool. ha ha

Mama and Papa surprised Baby Bear around Easter with a sand box. Well it's not really a box, but we cornered off a part of the flower garden area where Baby Bear loves to dig in the dirt. And we bought some sand and dumped it in. Papa set up some cinder blocks to keep it all in and Bear's adores it. He actually cries and gets mad when we have to bring him in from playing in his sand box. lol He says dig dig and makes the motion with his hands like he is scooping sand when he wants to go outside and play. His cuteness kills me. lol

Mama Bear has been doing pretty good with her Scentsy business. I even got selected to be part of  a pilot program with Scentsy to promote me to Director by July. So I have been working super hard to find people who would be willing to host a Scentsy party for me, and find people who want to start a Scentsy business of their own. We have 10 people on our team right now, but currently only 2-3 are actually working the business. I am trying to find a way to motivate my team but am unsure how when even I sometimes lack motivation.

Bear's favorite t.v. show is Little Einsteins he adores it. He loves when you have to pat your knees to make the rocket take off and it plays music. lol It is so cute. He copies it and follows directions on the show. I love watching him learning and growing.  His speech therapy is getting better, and he is up to 50 words now. wooohooo he is using words more and is using his babble less and less.  He still isn't talking as much as he should be, but his teacher Miss. Melaine is making  a lot of improvements with him. And he absolutely adores her. I would even go as far as saying he has a slight crush on her. lol

Mama took a big leap and let Papa buy her a motorcycle. It is a Harley Sportster. I have only been on it a couple of times and it is so scary and intimidating. I have a hard time with the clutch. It hurts my hand trying to hold it in. I hate it. But Papa says I will get used to it. And I have a hard time with letting my hand slip and giving it to much gas. It is a lot to figure out. I didn't think it wold be this big of a pain learning everything but oh well......I will eventually get it.  We will probably go out riding this weekend. Papa takes it to the church parking lot down the road for me and Baby Bear and I follow in the car. Then the boys hang out cheering for me while I try to start and stop, and do figure eights in the parking lot. It'll take some getting used to and some practice. This is for sure not something I can learn over night. And I need to build my confidence with it.

I have learned lately that I need to build my self confidence with just about everything.  I let my mind talk me out of everything and then I am afraid when I shouldn't be. So I have been working on that a lot. Taking a breath, thinking things through, and then going forward.

Well that is all for now. Nothing to exciting but I wanted to update you all since I haven't really blogged a whole lot lately.  Don't forget to check out my Scentsy website, my Velata website, and Grace Adele website. Thanks

XoXo-Mama Bear

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