April 28, 2013

Movies and Books

As I have been organizing and downsizing stuff in my house I got rid of 3 of my bookcases, and somehow got most of the books to fit into my other bookcases. I threw some of my books into the donation box, and they all seem to fit. ha ha I organized most of the books as well. I organized them so all the series are together. They were such a mess before. 

I realised that over the last year I have been in such a bad place and so depressed that I have really stopped doing all things that represent me. I kind of shut down emotionally and just did the basics like eat, sleep, surface clean, and take care of my Baby Bear to survive. I miss me a whole lot. So I have been trying to get back to the things I love. I even pretty much stopped crafting.  I could sit in my crafting area and couldn't think of a single thing to do. I wanted to paint, scrapbook, do amazing things.......and yet I couldn't come up with enough supplies to do anything I wanted. It was really depressing.

So I opened up my iPad and picked up on a book I had stopped reading. I had stopped reading it because I am always so tired and so I figured sleeping was better for me than crafting, or reading, or anything like that. Well now it is time to do some things for me. So I started reading the Iron Queen again by Julie Kagawa.
It is part of a series about Fey. I really like the series.
1- The Iron King
2- The Iron Daughter
3- The Iron Queen
4- The Iron Knight

I finished up reading the Iron Queen which was pretty good. Yes I stayed up late reading until I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. lol And now I have started in on The Iron Knight. It feels good to actually read books again and enjoy them.

Last night after Baby Bear went to sleep, Papa and I stayed up late to watch the movie
The Woman in Black
I was a little excited because it looked a little scary. And it has been a long time since I have found a movie that is actually scary. Most movies lead you up to the big climax and then drop you and disappoint big time!

   This movie was a little suspenseful and had a good storyline, but it was hard to follow. Like most movies nowadays it ended way to soon, and without any resolve. Grrrrrr  It didn't give enough of a story line. It was a little confusing, and then it just kills the main character and the movie ends. Ughhhh I hate wasting my time with movie duds. And it seems like most movies recently are duds.  BLAST!! And this one had so much potential. Oh well not much I can do.

Yesterday I got a lot of cleaning done, and today I need to do more. But I am really not feeling it. I hope I can find my bathing suit today and we can all go play in the pool.

Mother's Day is coming up and Papa Bear decided he wanted to take a motorcycle course on base that weekend so once again will be gone. So I am thinking of taking Baby Bear and I out on a hot date to DisneyLand that day. We will see, but I thought it might be a fun  date for Mother's Day

XoXo- Mama Bear

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