April 24, 2013

Poor sick Bear's

Yesterday and Today are sick days at the Three Bear's house. Poor Little Baby Bear is a sick little pup. He has a bad cough, a fever, and a runny nose. He has even taught himself how to blow snot rockets! (Oh BLAST!) He is such a little boy. lol

We have spent the last few days just sitting on the couch watching Disney Junior and Little Einsteins over and over and over.  Poor little Bear's gets off of the couch because he wants to play but alas he has no energy for it so he ends up  coming right back to me and whimpering a little asking to get back in my lap. 

So Papa got himself an RC truck and I am not sure who is more excited to play with it every day Papa or Baby Bear's. I think it might be Baby Bear. Every morning he gets up and the first thing he asks is to go play with the RC Truck. He is so fascinated with it. lol I don't know how to work the thing so I tell him he has to wait for Papa to come home. He whines and hunches his shoulders over and shuffles away crying. It is super cute and funny.  And when Papa comes home he runs outside and and asks to play with the car. He uses sign language to ask and makes car noises. It is so stinking cute.

The pool is all set up but we haven't been able to play in it yet as it has been really cold and over cast here the last few days. Hopefully next week we can test it out.

I was able to downsize three of my bookcases. I hate getting rid of my beautiful bookcases, but we have so much stuff and I need to get better at organizing and cleaning in the house and downsizing what we have. It is getting closer to moving time again and I dread it with how much stuff we have. So I am trying to make it a Little easier.
   So far we are looking at Papa deploying or us PCSing to Okinawa. We aren't sure on either. Those are just the possibilities for right now.

One of my good friends just found out that she is PCSing to North Carolina soon. I am sad to see her go. I hope we get to see each other again. Who knows where the Marine Corps will send us.

Well that is all for now.
XoXo- Mama Bear

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