November 18, 2013

A SeaWorld of Fun!!

I really wanted to do something as a family before Chuck deployed, I wanted to hit up SeaWorld or the Zoo, and do family pictures. But due to some last minute things we didn't have much time.  So we planned for SeaWorld.  We went this weekend. Chuck's Pop surprised us and dropped in for the weekend to say goodbye to Chuck, so we all went to the park. I couldn't get Chuck to do pictures around the park in the photo booths or kiosks with Baby  Bear. But I was able to snap a few with the Camera. It was Baby Bear's first visit and he loved it. We couldn't get everyone going fast enough, so we didn't arrive at the park until 2p.m. We missed most of the shows, but we were able to catch Shamu. And I have to say that over the last 13 years that show has been by far my favorite. But now that the trainers don't get near the whales in the water, the show was really lacking from what it used to be.  But I think Bear's favorite thing was Shamu, and his Killer Whale stuffed animal he got.  I think the Bear and I will be visiting again very soon. Maybe if it is open for Thanksgiving or Christmas we might hit that one up instead of Disneyland. who knows. We will see. It was a fun day. And Bear's loved the Animals.  I was however HEARTBROKEN that the Budweiser Clydesdale's are now gone. Shamu and the horses were my favorite to see. I don't know when they went away since I haven't been in a few years. Hopefully next time we can see the Dolphin show, Sea Lion and otter show, and the penguins. ;0D  Here are some pictures:

Getting Ready to go pick up Grandpa Ron

Hanging out at the Diner

Grandpa Ron and Bear's

This Bear has some mad stacking skills

Interacting with the Beluga Whale

Baby Bear meets a Polar Bear


I Mustache you a question! lol

Beluga Whales

Atlantis. Bear's really wanted to go on the ride.

Santa's Reindeer

Bear's was very interested in the Dolphin's

Shamu's Stadium
The Boy's chowing down on snacks during the show


spitting water on the crowd

Feeding him Ice

yummy fish

spitting water on the crowd

rub my belly!!



splashing the crowd big time

Get ready for the wave!!

He can send it pretty far

waving goodbye

Bear's really loved the show

A dolphin was really interested in a little kid in front of the window.

Getting our last name Painted and framed

Bear's fishing for Oyster's. He was our lucky charm. He picked out 4 really good Pearl's. Two for Mama, and two for Ron to give to his Bride of 30 years. (coincidentally the gift for the 30th anniversary is the Pearl!)

Pick the oyster

Place it on the tray.

Tap it 3 times and say ALOHA

Then you ring the bells.

Open up the oyster and look what you get.

The two Pearl's from the Oyster's that Baby Bear picked out for Mama. Ron had One of the Pearl's mounted for his Ruthie, and the other one for her to choose the setting.

The Sea Lions were awesome.

They really knew how to work the crowds. You could purchase fish and feed them.

They figured out how to push each other away, and act cute.

One in particular had figured out that if he gets on the rock he is taller than the rest. Since they can hold their breath under water for a long time......that means they can also make that barking sound continuously. So it was loud obnoxious. I got Baby Bear a tray, and the guy selling them was a Navy vet who was working at Sea World while going to school to become a trainer. Instead of the 6 fish I paid for, he gave us a huge handful because Chuck was deploying the next day and he understood. ;0D Baby Bear wouldn't touch the fish, but liked to watch us feed them. And he really was not a fan of all the barking noise they made. It was kinda funny that he covered his ears the entire time.

Silly Bear's didn't like the noise.

Waiting for our Picture to get finished drying from the paint before heading to Papa's farewell dinner.
Being silly

Every time Papa Bear deploys he gets to have his last dinner at his favorite place to eat. This time he chose Lucille's BBQ. We adore this place. And we really love the spinach and cheese dip. Holy Moo Cow it is good. Papa got his typical usual of Ribs, I got my usual pulled Pork sandwich, Ron got Fish, and Baby Bear got Mac and Cheese he didn't want. lol But he drank his milk. ;-D My silly Bear.  We got home late and climbed into bed because we had a big day ahead of us.
XoXo- Mama Bear.

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