November 25, 2013

Fluffy-Sandy- Foam dough

Last night as Mama Bear was getting ready to sell Baby Bear to the circus

Okay so I wasn't going to really sell the little Bear. But he was driving his Mama Bear BONKERS!!
 He was running and jumping all over the place. If you can just visualize for a moment him bouncing around like a bouncy ball.  It was a lot like...Ping, Ping, Ping!!!!  I was starting to get exhausted. So after heavily considering his lucrative and entertaining career in the circus business, I settled for a small consult with Pinterest instead.
For those of you who are not familiar with this Pinterest thing, it is Highly addictive. It is like a drug. Like Catnip for People. And just as addictive as CRACK!!
 It makes crafters out of the artistically challenged.

Or for those who have really great ideas, but somehow between the brain and the hands something gets really messed up. And I mean something really gets lost in translation.
Why, Why, Why, Why? I mean really WHY? So for those like me who suffer from crafting impairdness, Pinterest is here to help.  So I popped open the laptop and consulted my file on Kid Crafts.  I found one on making Fluffy-Sandy-Foam Dough.  It only takes two ingredients, and I had both on hand.  Cornstarch, and Shaving Cream. After this experiment the only tip I suggest is make sure you like the smell of the shave cream or you will want to barf the entire time.

So I pulled out the big cookie sheet looking pan. (It is actually a large oil drip pan that I got at Wal-Mart for uber cheap.) It was something that I picked up a long time ago for fun magnet crafts and stuff to do with Baby Bear. It is perfect. It cleans up easily and to put it away I just slide it behind a bookcase. ;0D  So I got out the pan and two ingredients and of course grabbed the bear.
By this time my little man was getting very excited about the un-known little adventure we were about to have.  I dumped out the can of cornstarch, and started adding the shaving cream generously.

Baby Bear really thought I had lost my mind, but he also thought it was brilliant. Unfortunately he also started patting the cornstarch rather hard, then stood up and was clapping his hands. That resulted in this cute little mess.
So I moved him onto the pan, and the outcome of the mess was less of a messy mess. ;0D
He was really enjoying himself. And the stuff isn't wet. It is more like sand with a little water on it. But if you squeeze it to hard it crumbles back into a sandy powder.  It is a lot of fun.

He really liked having his picture  taken and showing me his mess.

Then he started having me bury his hands and feet. I love this stuff because it just wipes off afterwards.
So while I needed to supervise this activity, it was well worth getting my little Chaotic Circus Bear to channel his wiggles into something else.  It was messy, but cleaned up in minutes, and worth it.

We had a really good time, and Mama Bear regained just a tad of her sanity. ;0D

XoXo-Mama Bear

Update 1/20/14- Do not store this item. I put this stuff back into the container when I was done and left it on the dinning table. I forgot about it, and didn't open it again until a few weeks ago.  Well..... The mold was a special kind of gross. Ewwwwww  Yah maybe you can use it again for a couple days. But no longer than that. lol  My bad!!!! lol

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