November 20, 2013

And then there were 2

Well here we are again.  Deployment #7 has arrived.  I was worried about saying goodbye as things have been rough here and I just didn't know how I would react saying goodbye. But as I saw Papa Bear tear up a little while hugging Baby Bear goodbye it broke my heart and I got all weepy. I think I held it in pretty well though. 

     We got up around 5 something in the morning and got ready. We hooked Bear's up to his pump. Papa and Ron were already showered and ready to go.  We loaded up in the car, and headed to Camp Pendleton. I had a lot of mixed feelings. Mostly feeling unprepared as Papa wasn't able to complete the things I needed him to do, to prepare us. Plus it was early, and I am in no way a morning person.

    We stopped by the armory, and Papa picked up his Rifle, and pistol. Then we headed over to the shop where everyone was congregating.  Surprisingly we were not the 1st ones to arrive. Normally Papa shows up half an hour before anyone else. lol We hung out for a bit in the very cold brisk air before I chickened out and went to sit in the car. lol   Then Papa Bear asked me to run to the store because he forgot his ear buds. I went, and I did nothing because the store was closed. I came back and everyone had congregated inside one of the shops with Hot cocoa and sweets.  We stayed for a bit then Papa, Bear's, one of Chuck's Marines, and I ran to the store that was now open. Papa got some ear buds. And he left his Oakley sunglasses at the Hospital of a friend who was in a motorcycle accident. So he asked if I would buy him some new ones. I caved. After all those last ones had been through 5 other deployments.

    We got back just in time. Everyone was outside and getting their little pep talk from a 3 star and a 1 star general. and the Sgt. Major. WOW! And I have to say that we have never received a pep talk from anyone like that before. But it was the usual kind. Of keep fighting the good fight, keep up the support from home, stay in contact....stuff like that.

We said goodbye. Hugged, I got a little weepy, and so did Papa and Ron. It broke my heart that he had to leave his Baby Bear away. Papa Boarded the bus that was to take him to his flight. He had to arrive 6 hours early for his flight. Wow!!  When he got on the bus he rolled down one of the windows and waved goodbye at us. Baby Bear looked at him and said "MISS" Ohhhh my heart broke even more. I tried to explain to him that Papa had to go away to work for awhile, but it's not like he will understand that very well.  It really saddened me. The bus took off and Bear's waved an blew him kisses as it baked out of the compound it was in.  Ron and I said goodbye, and then the Bear's and I headed to the store where I let him pick out a movie and treat.   Papa flew to Texas where they picked up some more Marines. Then next stop was Shannon, Ireland, then Manas, Kyrgyzstan, and last Afghanistan.  Here are some pics:

Papa all dressed and ready

Someone wanted to have a picture taken of them. lol

Brrrrr it's very brisk outside

My two Bear's

Papa, Bear's, and Ron

Checking out Papa's gun

Mmmmm This Orange pop stuff is good


Saying Goodbye

Our last family picture

Saying goodbye to Ron

Papa Boarding the bus.
We love and Miss you Papa. Stay Safe, and come home soon.
XoXo- Mama Bear

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  1. What a cool blog, love it! I'm so grateful to your awesome hubby for all he does... please let him know. And if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, or just a listening ear, please know I'm here. You are a sweetheart Andrea, and so so strong! That little Bear is a doll, he seems to have such a kick butt little personality... Is it Bears, or just Bear?