December 29, 2013

Me trying to be crafty

 So I have been trying to squeeze in a few crafts now and then to decorate the house a little.
Here are just a few I have done, or almost finished. All the wood crafts here were purchased from Crafty Wood Cutouts . I love how cheap the sets are, and they offer free shipping. The wood is always well cut, and is really tall and thick. It is sturdy and will last for a while. If you like crafts I suggest checking them out. They are the best I have found.

 I really like the frosty. This isn't a very good picture of it. It is light and dark blue metallic, and has some glitter thrown in just for fun.

I really like this one. And I finished it up by tying a little ribbon bow under the stake holding the cake, and tying gift wrapping ribbon under the balloon with several different colors.

Bear's insisted on a portrait with our new season ladder. I finished it up by tying little bows around the top of the presents of NOEL.

I really liked doing this one. But gluing the little gems on made me hate my decision. lol

Our leaning tower or treeza!!  I think it has a little personality. And in the end only a few ornaments were broken.

Popping way to much popcorn with the grand idea of making a popcorn garland.  It was great for a while. But Bear's couldn't really help and he wouldn't let me sit and string it, so I got about 3 feet done before I had to put it away and never finished. lol go figure. But we had a blast popping the popcorn. ha ha

 Presents painted and made with real wrapping paper glued on. ha ha ha

Bear's was really proud of these presents and his new shirt. ha ha ha

The Noel didn't turn out so great, I am thinking of re-doing it.  I painted the snowflakes on with a piece of plastic I had cut out of the cover from Bear's Elf on the shelf box. lol they are glittered as well.

Bear's wanted to craft with me again, so he molded this fantastic rabbit out of his play-doh. This is the first time he had made something on his own without being asked to do it. He was playing on his own, and came up with it on his own. ;0D

 Yah that is a bent toilet paper roll. ha ha I am super ingenious like that.

 Okay so I got the idea off of pinterest. lol I can't take credit for it. lol

 I think the Bear glittered this really well. lol

Bear's helped me spray paint the canvas, I stamped out the circles, Bear's dumped the jar of glitter out on it, and helped me glue the buttons with a low temp glue gun. ;0D We had a lot of fun. And Baby Bear gave it to his teacher Miss Malaine whom he adores. ;0D He handed it to her and wished her a Christmas! He hasn't got the Merry part down yet. So he tells everyone Christmas. lol

 I think this one is my favorite one so far. It is huge, and I am happy with how it turned out.
 I traced out the letter, and cut it out on the paper I selected. And then realized it was backwards. Yah..... Go me!!! lol

Baby Bear thought he would get in on the crafting action. Yah he is really talented. lol

 I really like the canvas, but I am not sure if it was the paint, or if the vinyl just didn't want to separate from the transfer paper. I really had a hard time with this one. It was meant to be a gift, but I just wasn't happy with how it turned out. I had another one, but didn't have the time to try it again.  Oh well. It was still fun to do.

This was also a gift and I thought it was perfect for the person we gifted it to. I hope she liked it.
Ornaments made with Pledge floor mop, and extra fine glitter. It is so easy to do, and fast and fun.

This is all for now. More to come soon I hope.
XoXo- Mama Bear

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