December 29, 2013


Since Papa Bear left we have had a very, very busy few weeks.  Literally we have been going with 2-3 appointments every single day even the weekends with no breaks. I feel like I have been running around like a crazy person. lol  (Oh wait I already am crazy!!)  

 The Bear and I went to SeaWorld for Thanksgiving. due to some mad traffic, a car fire, and more traffic we didn't get to the park until around 12.  We showed up to the park and the guy at the gate was having a hard time scanning my bar code for my ticket so I could get the free parking. So he signed me in as his guest, and let us park up front for free!!! sweet! We were supposed to go hang out with our friends and Baby Bear's girlfriend, but since we were so late we only got to go see the penguins and then they had to leave. 

The Bear and I saw a few of the animals and got to see a few shows. We had a pretty good time. So here are some pictures:

XoXo- Mama Bear

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