December 29, 2013

The in between days

December has been extra busy.

I feel like we have been rushing around so much I haven't had a moment to just relax and breath.  But we somehow survived. Bear's had the first round of tests at his new school with them testing and evaluating him.  He did great, and even though he did get a little overwhelmed a few times, he at least waited until after we were done with the tests and in the car before he threw up. lol And he at least had the courtesy to do it before we drove out of the parking lot. ha ha ha. Ohhhh my little boy.

I got to get all sorts of craft for a little while, and even though it wasn't the serene quiet time alone that I needed, it was a little therapeutic. And of course my little man kept me on my toes with trying to get into the paint, touching the wet paint, dumping paint, dumping out my crafts.....and the list goes on. ha ha ha  Ohhhh I never have a dull moment with my little bear.

Here are some fun pictures from our days in between the holidays.

 He sure has a lot of talent

Helping his Mama open her new mixer

Baby Bear fell asleep with his little blue light hidden under the covers. It was a cute picture.

He loves his whale.

 Mama gave him pudding. lol

Hanging out with his speech therapist. He has a huge crush on her.

Hanging out with his big brother.  Harley is a really great dog. lol

New bath toys are so much fun

I love those few and far between moments where he cuddles.

Mornings with a bear. Nice hair!!

Bear's thought he would stack his formula boxes. lol

stealing Mama's ramen noodles

Markers...I see no markers Mama

Sneaking a cookie

And he drew on his face. lol

silly faces with Gwamma Bear

getting all done up for the girls.

It's tough and exhausting work being this handsome!!

Look Ma, I pu my pants on all by me onesies!!

It got silent while I was moving things to bring the tree in the house. Yah he took the lid off of the vick's, and then stuck his comb in it. I couldn't get it of of the comb. I threw it away. lol

fell asleep sitting up

watching cartoons before we head to bed. Harley is such a good dog!!

He insisted on holding my hand. I loved it!!!

Pudding Mom?  I see no pudding. lol

 Mom didn't see that one Christmas marker was let out. He drew all over his face, feet, hands, elbows, and underarm. lol Ohhhhh my little boy!!!
XoXo- Mama Bear & Baby Bear

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