July 16, 2011

Update #1

Wow it’s been a while since I last blogged. I apologize for that, but we opted to get rid of our Internet because Earthlink is a horrible company and charges your credit card without permission. Also our PCS move is coming up so we weren’t sure if we should get service with someone else, or just hold off until after the move. Papa Bear researched it and we opted to go with AT&T…..but then should we go with U-verse or just the net? Well as it turns out since we are so busy getting things ready this month that it is smarter to just go without than pay for a month of service. So unfortunately that means no blogging for me for now. But I will do my best to catch you up on all the happenings that have been going on.
So on May 27th I think it was…..Baby Bear, Mama Bear, and Gramma Bear piled back into the car and headed back to California. Grampa Bear helped me pack the snail (cargo on top of car) the night before, and he really secured that thing for me. He even put a ratchet strap on it to make sure it wasn’t going to go anywhere. He packed that thing to the top, and then some. Poor Lola (cars name) she was a little overloaded!! The morning we left, we finished packing up the car and said goodbye to Grampa Bear. I was a little sad I was leaving as I didn’t get to do half the things I had wanted to due to Baby Bear getting a fever shortly after we arrived. With all the problems he has had I didn’t want to risk him getting even sicker, or getting someone else’s child sick. So we became home bodies the entire time. I did get to play in Logan a few times, but I usually didn’t have Baby Bear with me or was on a very short schedule. I do feel bad that I couldn’t take him to meet Chuck’s side of the family. But I felt it was risky with how Baby Bear was feeling. And one of his siblings just added a new little baby to the family and I don’t think I could forgive myself if Baby Bear got a newborn sick. So no visits this time. Hopefully we can visit for Christmas and Baby Bear can make his appearance then.
So when we got ready to head to Idaho we had a small snafu….. When everything was all packed and ready to go…..We got in the car, said a prayer, and what do ya know…….the car wouldn’t start!!! That’s right….the battery was dead. Go figure. I about died. I couldn’t believe that it would happen. I mean for real this is just my luck!! Or lack there of if you really think about it. So I ran next door to the Bulgarian neighbors and luckily the wife and only one who speaks English was home, and she got her father to come out and jump the car. Aughhhh something always happens to the car when Papa Bear is gone….it never fails to happen. Lol It’s now becoming a joke….because after 4 deployments to Iraq and several others to other countries…..it never fails that the car somehow has something go wrong or break. So you have to ask yourself….why would this be any different?!!! Well after a short delay we were up and running and on the road. I ran to Lucky’s (grocery store) and while I left the engine running, Gramma and Baby Bear stayed in the car and I ran in to get zip ties for the cargo on top of the car and Kinders sauce. Yum yum. I had Onstar do it’s diagnostic of the engine and car and they said all was well with it….so after about an hour of it running we felt good to shut it off and eat some McyD’s for lunchy munchy.
So that was our story to Idaho……and you know why shouldn’t our trip back to California be just as eventful right?!!! Yah the car has performed fine the entire 20 hour trip to Idaho. It performed fine the entire time I was there……and the morning I am going to leave to go home…..Yup the battery is dead once again!!! I had even made sure that no interior lights were left on when I went to bed. So what do I do? Grampa Bear took Gramma Bears car to work, and she can’t find the keys to the truck. So we have nothing to jump Lola’s battery. I looked everywhere for Grampa Bears battery charger but alas couldn’t find it. We couldn’t get a hold of Grampa Bear because he was in surgery and couldn’t be disturbed. So I tried calling Papa Bear but he was in class at Staff Academy. So I called the duty phone to Papa Bears work in Concord. I didn’t know who had it, but I figured that it was the best option I had at the moment. They couldn’t help me, so I called Masterson the guy who Shares an office with Papa Bear and the best NCO I have ever met in the Corps. He is the type of leader that the Marine Corps needs, and he is going to make an amazing Staff NCO. He walked me through what I needed to do. Yes folks that is right…..I can change the oil in my car, change a tire, but I wasn’t sure exactly how to jump my car. To be more specific I wasn’t sure which went on first the positive or the negative…… lol Yah I am a nerd. So Gramma Bear called a neighbor and they came to help. We got Lola’s battery jumped and we were on our way. We stopped in town and picked up some dry ice to keep my ice cream frozen…Yah I bought a ton of ice cream Monkey and Moose bars that I can only find in Utah. Now you ask yourself what’s a ton right…..? Well I bought a case of each. Now you are asking well heck it still can’t be that much right?......Nope it’s more than a lot. I bought a plethora of them. Each case had 200 in it. So I brought home maybe half of it……half Moose (chocolate) and half Monkey (banana). They are a Popsicle but with ice cream. What’s the technical name? So I loaded the ice chest, and we were off on our adventure. We noticed that Lola was making a funny sound while we were driving. Gramma Bear was convinced that it was the front right tire, but I was convinced it was the Scargo on top of the car. Well after an hour or so of driving and the roar it was making in the car I couldn’t take it anymore…..So I pulled over on the freeway and took the ratchet strap off. I was scared that we really needed the thing, but I figured it was what was causing that horrid sound. Sure enough it was, and once I started driving again it was gone. Phew! I am very pleased to say that the rest of the trip was not to eventful. I did pull over in Nevada and push the OnStar emergency number once because a car had just rolled over into the median and was resting on it’s roof. I reported it, and waited until help arrived and then we left again as we did not witness it and everyone seemed fine so I didn’t need to get out and help. I once again became a real mountain woman!!! Yah it was about 3 a.m. we were in the mountains in the middle of no where and there was snow, and I had to pull over to pump and….I had to go super bad but there was no town or bathrooms nearby. So I braved the 30 degree weather and snow…..and didn’t get eaten by any wild animals!!! Lol But it sure was chilly! Lol The trip home this time took 18 hours….yup I managed to shave off 2 hours from the trip! Woot Woot!!!
Gramma Bear stayed with us for a week and helped me get a handle on things, and……catch up on some sleep. We went to a book signing for my favorite author and I found out Melissa Marr is also a Marine Corps Wife!!! I was so shocked and excited!!! Well her husband just retired from the Corps….but she is still a Corps wife! ;0) And…..she wrote Wicked Lovely at Dell Mar Beach on Camp Pendleton!!! That is so AWESOME!!! Okay I geeked out big time! But Gramma Bear and I had such a good time!! Gramma Bear bought Baby Bear a book, and in keeping in tradition with our family when we give books to each other…..she wrote in the cover of the book for him so he will always know when, where, and from whom the book came from. I also found a book from a set of authors who I love and I love their artwork. So I bought it for Baby Bear and I as well. But Gramma Bear and I had such a great time. It was funny we were so tired as we climbed into bed that night, but we were still laughing about our fun evening and actually got into a girly giggling fit with each other as we tried to calm down to sleep. It was really funny and special to be able to have that moment with her again as we haven’t done something like that since I was a kid. It was very special for me and I will always remember that! After a week I had to take Gramma Bear back to the airport so she could get back to her busy life in Idaho. We were sad to see her go, and I am sure Baby Bear misses her. Thank You Gramma Bear for putting up with us! ;0)

XoXo-Mama Bear

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