July 16, 2011

Update #4

Well we are currently in San Diego hunting for a new place to live. Our trip down was good. It took a lot longer than Papa Bear had thought that it would....but we finally made it just in time before Baby Bear had a little melt down. lol And we barely missed the dreaded Carmageddon. We did hit some heavy heavy traffic, and we even heard that they had shut down the 405 early.....but we made it through. Why hasn't anyone invented the flying car yet?!!! lol

So our first day here Papa Bear decided to go play with the boys at the gun show. But he left poor baby bear behind. I thought that was pretty shady!!! I mean all the boys went to the gun show....how come baby bear didn't get to go? lol

Our second day we saw two places that were just not us. I was feeling pretty down about the whole thing, and feeling more and more stressed about our move. Last time when we had our 10 days of house hunting and went to San fran to search for our home.....we could only find one that was even worth renting and even though it turned out to be an awesome home....I've been scared that this would be a repeat.

Our third day of house hunting we found a place that sounded to good to be true. It was a house in fallbrook for only $1600 a month. And it included utilities. So I gave the number a call, and the person was located in Iowa. He said he would see if the person living in the guest house would be available to show us the property. Unfortunately he wasn't calling me back within the hour it took us to get to the house. He had given us the address so we opted for a drive by of the property. When we got to the house the person living in the guest house came out to greet us and show us around. The house was in pretty bad shape, but they are replacing the carpet and painting the house. The house is amazing. The house is 1,650 s.f. and is huge. It's about 700 more s.f. than we have now. so it really did seem to good to be true. There is a very large living room, with a separate dining area. A large kitchen that is very outdated, but somewhat workable. Large widows throughout the house, and 2 very large bedrooms. The master Suite is amazing. It has 4 extremely large closets, and a vanity. A separate 2 car garage is off of the master with a washer and dryer inside....and tons of storage!! Papa bear and I fell in love with the place, but it just seemed to good to be true. After we saw the place we headed over to our old landlords place where we looked at another property to rent. Her place was good, but it wasn't great. It would work for us if we needed to rent it, but it wasn't very big and I wouldn't be able to have anywhere to put my crafts. Next we saw another property just a few blocks away and neither Papa Bear nor I cared for it. After that we had to go feed baby bear or he was going to have a melt down. We talked to the landlord for the first place and started to talk about renting it as we both wanted it.

We convinced the landlord that we were the best tenants for his property and proceeded to get references for him, and fill out the paper work he wanted. Within 24 hours we had rented the property and were packing up to head on back to Walnut Creek to prepare for the move. Our drive back wasn't to bad, but it took forever. We didn't get back home until about 2 a.m.!!!

Well that is all for now.
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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  1. I'm glad you found a house that will work for you! We haven't even bothered trying to find off base housing for when we PCS to San Diego in October- we just decided to go into housing (but, we need a 4 bedroom and its way to expensive for us! Lol)