July 16, 2011

Update #3

So getting back to the story about the KitKats……..The guy at the shop is in the Navy and is the Doc at the shop and so everyone calls him Doc. I didn’t even know his real name until recently. Lol I have always heard him referred to as Doc. Lol So at the BBQ I found out that he brought me back KitKats from Japan. And these aren’t just any good KitKat……these are bad bad KitKat’s! Here are the flavors: Wasabi, bitter strawberry, green tea, and mochi………..Yah I know you all just cringed as you heard those names. I mean why would anyone in the right state of mind take the goodness of a KitKat and make it fowl with those flavors!!! So everyone was trying to get me to eat them, and I wouldn’t do it. I don’t know if I will ever be able to do it. I mean it’s wrong. Papa Bear did eat one of the Wasabi ones and said it wasn’t bad at all. I had a small amount, and it was great white chocolate but then the foulness of the wasabi hits and Nasty Nasty Nasty!!!! I am afraid of the others!!! Ha ha ha So thank you Doc. I am sure in your twisted and wrong mind you think they are great, but you shouldn’t have…..no really. Lol I know what’s wrong……it’s because he is in the Navy! Lol J/K
So our moving date is approaching fast. Soon we will be heading to the San Diego area to look for a place to live and then the chaos of moving will begin. We have contacted our old Land Lords from the Fallbrook area, and are hoping we can rent from them again as we like and trust them. But who knows where we will end up. I am sad that we will be leaving our friends and family in the Walnut Creek area, but I love that we get to see our friends and family again in San Diego. ;0)
So earlier this year my Grandma passed and left her grandkids an inheritance. I don’t want to waste the money, and I really don’t want to spend the money. Lol But if and when I do….I want it to be on a purchase that I will always be able to remember her by, and that will be fun and amazing for me and my family. I don’t want to waste it on something that I will never see, or on something that won’t benefit us. So I have narrowed it down to 4 things I think. The first thing is the Viking Ruby. I really want the Viking Diamond, but that one is normally $10,000 and that just seems a little much for an embroidery machine. The second item is a Harley Davidson so I can go riding with Papa Bear. The third item is a camper we can pull behind our truck or Yukon. And the fourth is a Tiffany diamond ring.
Now the reason I have thought of eliminating the Viking….is because I am unsure of how much I will be able to use it. I am not sure of the Ruby’s capabilities, and so I am not sure if I will like it as much as I am in love with the Diamond. And is that something that I want to always have to remember my grandma by? The reason for eliminating the Harley is that how often will I be able to ride it? I mean to be able to ride with Papa Bear we would have to drive Baby Bear to our friends house about an hour away then drive back and go for a ride for maybe an hour, then drive back to pick up Baby Bear then drive back home. It seems like an awful lot of driving just to spend an hour or so on a cruise. And how realistic is it to think that we will be able to find the time to do all that driving and then ride and then do m ore driving. Now I think the bike would maybe be something fun to remember grandma by, but again is it realistic? And so that brings us to the camper. I want to have fun family time. I really want Baby Bear to grow up with campouts like I did growing up. I want him to have experiences of exploring the woods, and making mud pies. Lol I want him to make smore’s around a camp fire, and tell ghost stories. Now the downside to this is…..will I be able to find the camper I want for the price I want? Will Papa Bear ever actually take us to places with the camper? Will he take the time to camp out with us? And is that something to remember grandma by? And lastly number 4…..I have thought of buying a Tiffany diamond ring. This is something I could give to Baby Bear when he proposes to his wife, or to my first grandson. It could be something I could pass on from generation to generation with my family. It would be something amazing to have, to wear, and to be able to pass on. The only problem is………It will not bring joy right away to my family. Of course someday it might to some girl who gets it……but that is a ways off. It will not bring them closer, it will not give us family time or togetherness. So I am not to sure what to do. Hmmmmmm Any insight is welcome. ;0)
I have really been having a lot of fun with cutting vinyl lately and making some craft projects. I don’t know how great they look, but it has been pretty fun. And even though I don’t get a lot of time to do these things……it is sure fun when I do.
Well I am not sure what else to tell you. Not to much is going on. I will try to keep you better updated from now on. Life has been very busy lately so that is why there has been a lack of updates.

XoXo-Mama Bear

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