July 16, 2011

Update #2

I only had a few days alone before Papa Bear came back from Staff Academy. I wanted so badly to be able to go to his graduation…..but alas I have to admit I wasn’t sure if Baby Bear could handle another long car ride so soon. But we were lucky as one of our friends was able to make it to Chuck’s graduation in San Diego, and took him to Downtown Disney afterwards for lunch. ;0) Yah I admit I was insanely jealous!! Lol Papa Bear got Baby Bear a shirt in Downtown Disney that has Mater from Cars on the front that says “Who Backfired?” lol Yah….leave it to Papa Bear to find the one shirt that talks about farts! Sigh!! For those of you who don’t know…..Downtown Disney is a long, long stretch of stores and restaurants pretty much all Disney or kid related right outside the gates of Disneyland that lead to the Disney Hotels. There are some pretty awesome shops there.
Papa Bear came home the day after he graduated so he wouldn’t be driving all night. The day he was on his way home Baby Bear had a follow up appointment with his OT. She really didn’t do anything and just reiterated what we needed to be doing. I’ll tell ya what….for $500 I am not sure what she is doing. We have seen her twice and I don’t think she has helped at all. We are supposed to make two more appointments, but I am not going to waste my time, her time, or TriCares money. The only great thing that I got out of the appointment was that Baby Bear had gained a pound since our last appointment! ;0D yeaghhhhh!! After our appointment we hurried home and Papa Bear was there waiting for us. Of course Baby Bear is such a ham that he was happy to see Papa Bear but it took him maybe an hour or two before he really started to recognize him and remember who he is and then Baby Bear was all about laughing it up and being a ham for Papa Bear! It was cute because he sure does love his Papa! It was a relief to finally have my family all back and under one roof. And after some serious persuasion Papa Bear let Mama Bear have a few much needed nights off to rest.
Papa Bears first evening back we went to the park and fed the ducks. Baby Bear had such a great time and got super excited about the whole thing so much that he slept 6 whole hours that night!!! Woot woot!!!!! Yah Papa and Mama Bear were pretty happy!!
We didn’t do to much in June. In fact we really didn’t do anything at all. Papa Bear went back to work and started playing catch up with all the things he hasn’t been able to do since he’s been gone since April. But I really can’t think of anything that we have done in June. We got to go to a friends house for a BBQ one night, and that was pretty fun. And the criminal that I am…..I brought back sparklers from Utah and so the kids had a blast playing with them. Lol
July somehow snuck up on us. And for the first time in years Chuck and I got to spend the Fourth of July together. We went to a BBQ at 1st Sgt’s house or as Baby Bear calls him Uncle Mike and Auntie Jen! ;0) We had fun visiting with everyone and the food was majorly yummo!!! The heat however was less kind to us and after a while Baby Bear was sweating and fussy and we needed to call it quits on the fun time. But while it lasted it was fun to get out of the house and socialize. ;0) At the BBQ one of the guys from the shop had just returned from taking a short Vacation to Okinawa, Japan. He loves it there, and so vacations often in the area. Well while he was there he posted a picture of different flavors of KitKat’s that they have on his facebook. I thought it was flat out all sorts of wrong that Hershey would make a Wasabi flavored KitKat! I mean really people that stuff is horrid!!! To give you a little background on my experience with the stuff I will tell you all a little story……
Once upon a time there was a very innocent unknowing girl named Mama Bear who had never tasted or even heard of Wasabi. And when she was talking to an old friend named Clint who had served a mission in California he told her that Wasabi was great and that she should try it. So years later down the road of life Mama Bear found herself in a Sushi infested restaurant and found herself some Wasabi. Mama Bear thought Sushi was disgusting and fowl but as she hadn’t ever tried it before she agreed to give it a fair trial. So she went through the buffet style restaurant and picked out some different types of sushi that didn’t look or sound or smell like they would be to bad….and put them on her plate. She also found some Wasabi and remembering what her friend had said got a huge glop of it on a spoon and spattered it on her plate. She sat down with Papa Bear and started in on all the new things. First Mama Bear tried an imitation crab one that wasn’t to horrible bad. Next she trustingly grabbed a glob of the wasabi and devoured it. Instantly Mama Bear knew it was a bad idea…..but she was in a restaurant and couldn’t spit it out. She didn’t know what to do…..Her eyes were getting bigger and bigger and tears were starting to run from them. It was all sorts of awful! Finally she did the only thing she could think of and grabbed a few napkins, and then politely and daintily as she could spat it into the napkin. The tears were streaming by now it burned and was terrible. Papa Bear was crying as well but it wasn’t in sympathy for Mama Bear. Nope……Papa Bear was laughing hysterically. He was gripping his sides and could hardly act civil he was a goner! After that I was afraid to eat anything else. ;0( You see Mama Bears friend Clint LIED to her. Wasabi is bad!! BAD BAD JuJu!!!!!! The End.

XoXo-Mama Bear

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