September 2, 2011

Surfer Dude!

Yesterday was a fun day. Mama Bear got a text early on from Papa Bear about how he didn't have time to make the deposit for rent, so she would need to do it. We finished our morning routine and got ready for town. We were all ready to go and I couldn't find my car keys. Well what do you know.....I had left them in Papa Bears truck a few days back so I wouldn't have to take them in the store. I had shoved them under the seat and forgot about them. So I went out to the tuck to see if I could get them. Well what do you know.....the one time Papa Bear locks the truck!!! BLAST!! So I called papa bear to tell him we weren't going to be able to go to the bank either. But then I remembered we have OnStar!!! Well thank goodness.....I called, and they unlocked the doors to the truck within 1 minute!! And sure enough under the seat were my keys!! lol go figure!

So off to town we went. We got on base and picked up our rent money then drove back out into town to deposit it at our landlords bank. Then we got ice cream from McDonald's and headed back to the house to get the tire for the stroller as it was flat. We asked OnStar to find us a bike repair shop and got the tire fixed. We then headed to Papa Bears work to see him since he has been working super late lately. By the time Baby Bear and I arrived he was done for the day and so we walked the 1 block to the beach and took baby bear for the first time. He was pretty entertained by the whole thing. He thought the water was way to chilly, but fun and interesting. He loved the sand and dug his toes around in it. Mama Bear got attacked by a wave and it was funny. The waves were huge!! But because of sharks in the area no swimming was allowed. We all walked up and down the beach and found Baby Bears very first sea shell. It was fun and he loved it. We are going to go back very soon.

Well here are the pictures from our adventure!! ;0)

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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