September 26, 2011


Well I have a few minutes to blog, so here it goes.

I have so many thoughts whirling around in my head, and I am not sure I can get them all down before baby bear wakes up from his power nap. lol

First can I get my little man to eat more? The week his new little tooth was pushing through...he ate like a champ. He gobbled up all his food at each feeding. But this week....I am lucky to even get him to take a few bites. He loves his jello, and crackers with butter or sour cream on them.....but he needs to have nutrition.....and I am unsure on how to get him t eat. lol

I have been feeling very motivated lately to get caught up on things so I can attend the temple again. I fell so far behind when I got pregnant and was so sick that I stopped going. Now I ache to go. I am really hoping that the San Diego Temple will be just as amazing for me as the Oakland Temple was. I have to admit that even though I love this new house so much more than our last one, and I love the fact that we do not have any neighbor kids kicking the walls at night to wake us up, or the bachelors next door partying and filling our house with all types of cigarette smoke........I really do miss Walnut Creek. I miss our ward so much. I am fearful that we won't feel anywhere near as close as we did with this new ward as we did with the last one. I am also afraid I might sabotage things. ughhhh I miss going to the Oakland Temple and and the feeling I got once I stepped inside of comfort and feeling like I could relax and forget my worries for a few hours. I miss my friends!!!
Okay sorry....I was feeling a little weepy there for a few minutes. lol But really I want to have that amazing feeling of comfort and hunger for knowledge that I had before when I went to the Temple daily and attended the institute. I hope I can iron out all the kinks and get into a good routine and groove here.

I have also been feeling the need to shed some pounds. I know I just had a baby 8 months was 8 months ago. want to get back to feeling good, and not feel tired when I race baby bear around the house in his fire truck he loves so much. lol I have been walking either in the morning or at night with him.......but I feel that is not enough. I want to use my Wii and do some of the boot camp classes on Camp Pendleton. But I feel guilty for taking off and doing things when my house still needs organizing and such. hmmmmm what to do!!

I also feel the need to shed some pounds of junk. lol I am as my sister called me.....Sentimental.....or in other words....a pack rat!!! This drives my poor husband nuts. I mean really I save everything. lol I keep movie tickets and glue them in my journals. I keep receipts fearing that I may need them or get audited. I keep and collect books, movies, and just about everything else that I can tie a memory to. I don't know why I am so over the top with this. I swear it's an illness. No I am not a hoarder.....but I really do hold on to stuff I should be able to let go of. I need to get rid of some of it. Hmmmm Maybe a flame thrower will help. lol

I will start selling Scentsy again very soon, and also some crafts from Thoughts in Vinyl Each month I will place the orders so If you find something in Vinyl you would like.....just let me know, and I can set you up with an order form. Also if you would like to host a party for Scentsy or Thoughts in Vinyl we can set that up. Just know that the craft party is just so you can do a fun craft and have something nice in your house for super cheap. ;0)

Well it looks like my time is up and Baby Bears nap is now over. lol go figure.

Talk to you all soon.

XoXo-Andrea Carla (Mama Bear)

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