September 6, 2011

yadda yadda yadda!

So I have to admit that blogging has really taken a back seat to everything lately. I want to blog all the time. Throughout the day I even think of tons of stuff to blog about and even start them in my head.....but then I feel guilty if I am playing on the computer when I should really be cleaning and organizing the house.....and so alas.....blogging has become an activity that does not happen to often.

I love our new house. It is great.....except for all the bugs! My goodness we have a ton of them. Spiders, crickets, moths, and just about anything else you can think of. I think some were left over from the gross people who lived here before. Then half the population hitched a ride with all of our boxes on the moving truck.....and of course we let them move right into the house.....and then there are the sneaky little ones that find a way in through a crack in the wall, or through a slit in the door. I can't take it anymore!!!! aughhhhhh So today Papa Bear sprayed outside for bugs. He did the whole house, and even did the guest house for good measure. He also sprayed some of the bushes outside. Hopefully that will take care of it for a bit, but if not we will end up spraying inside as well. lol

Night before last we had our first thunder storm here. Poor Harley jumped off the floor and in bed so fast. Poor boy is such a fraidy cat!! lol You wouldn't know he is a dog.... lol I was afraid it would scare the tar out of baby bear, but it just woke him up and so I warmed up some milk and fed him and got him back to sleep. Thank goodness it didn't get to bad so that he wasn't scared. ;0)

Papa Bear is doing great at work. He has a lot of Marines he takes care of, and they seem to come with a lot of baggage. ha ha ha But he is a good Marine, and even though I know some of them are annoying....he will do a great job.

This weekend was a four day weekend, and I was very excited to go to the beach and the zoo. Alas we didn't get to do anything. Papa Bear watched t.v. the whole time, and we played with baby bear. I also started a craft over the weekend and am almost done. It was almost done when I realised I did something really wrong that couldn't be I had to sand it down, and repaint a lot of it. It's frustrating, but I think it will turn out pretty well when it is done.

Baby Bear is still having issues sleeping at night. I must say it is taking a toll on Mama Bear!! I feel like I am being worn down to a stump. Waking up every 2 1/2 hours and then getting up uber early every day.....that is a killer! Other than that he is doing well. We can feel one of his teeth coming through, so that has been super fun. lol

Being a Mama Bear has been pretty awesome. There are some days I just really want a day off to rest. But watching him smile and laugh at the silliest things is the best!! He has the cutest laugh and it doesn't matter how tired, irritated, or run down you soon as he laughs and smiles at makes you smile and then the things that seemed like such a big deal a moment ago....aren't such a big deal anymore. ;0D

Yesterday Baby Bear pulled himself up to a kneeling position. We were all shocked and so proud of him. He had the best look of self accomplishment on his face. ha ha ha He has not figured out crawling yet, but he can do the low crawl, or combat crawl fairly well.....and he can roll like it's cool. He will see something he wants and just roll on over to it. The other day I placed him on the living room floor which is very big and open. I walked into the kitchen and suddenly the t.v. got really loud. I came running back into the room fast and what do you little beasty bear had rolled in a matter of seconds across a large room and figured out he can press buttons on the surround sound system and turn it on and make the sound go up!!! lol Oh boy!!! Mama Bear is going to have a rude awakening when it comes to how things are set up in the house. lol I have to admit that it was pretty funny though. ;0)

Well that is all for now. I need to get back to things.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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  1. Sounds like you guys are doing good! Your baby is growing fast! to cute!