October 18, 2011

A brush with DEATH!

Today Baby Bear visited the ER for the first time. I knew he was all right, but we wanted to be safe not sorry.....so we took him in to have his dome checked out.
At 10 a.m. I finally got to sit down to pump. I hooked it all up flipped the switch, and nothing happened. Ughhhhhh I forgot the membranes. So I unhooked, walked into the kitchen and heard a crash....and Baby bear started screaming. I ran back into the room and was surprised to see that baby bear had pulled the pump off of the couch, and was now laying on the floor with it crying. I scooped him up in my arms and rocked him. His head was already turning purple. I am not sure how he pulled that thing down as it outweighs him by a lot. But he managed it. I do not know if it fell on him, or if he pulled it down and fell on it. But he was hurting. I felt awful. My poor little man!! He was crying and crying, and it was a different cry than I have ever heard. I called Papa Bear and he called the pediatrician. They said any type of head trauma should be checked out and to come into the ER. So Papa Bear drove home as fast as he could, and made it in half an hour. Baby Bear was in his swing looking like one sad little bear. I got us all ready with some snacks, diapers, and both of us dressed. We jumped into the truck and drove as fast as we could to the Naval Hospital on Camp Pendleton. They took Baby Bear in right away and checked him out. He had a real goose egg on his head, and two large marks that were very red. They took his vitals and Papa Bear held onto him the entire time, and I hovered. They decided it was best to do an MRI on baby bear and make sure everything inside was all right. We tried to get him to take a bottle and go to sleep...but that wasn't going to happen. So the next plan was to wing it. If that didn't work then we were going to have to give him Benadryl to calm him. They opened up the room instantly for us and we went in. They wrapped him up like a little burrito. Papa Bear had to hold his head still and we both wore the stylish jackets to keep the radiation from getting us. I stood on the back side of the machine, and Papa Bear stood right next to him holding him.

I sang Itsty Bitsy Spider to baby bear which seems to be the only song that calms our little man. Then the nurses came out and removed the board that was holding him as it had metal screws and were messing up the images. So this time I came to the other side of him and sang while rubbing his feet which is a comfort thing for him. I looked back at the nurses and they gave us the thumbs up. The machine started spinning, and gave out it's loud humming sound. My poor bear cried for a bit, so I sang louder and he stopped. The machine tilted and turned as it took images of him. And then we were given the okay to take him out. I threw off the heavy blanket, and scooped him up. I just wanted to hold him close and make it all better. But I couldn't hold him close enough without squishing him. ;0(

We went back into the ER where a newbie nurse came to take his vitals. He held out the arm band that would take his blood pressure, and it was the smallest little thing. Then he wanted his heart rate and I told him he needed the sticker that goes on his toes, but they guy was determined that he could get it with the finger clamp. I laughed to myself as it kept falling off and I felt like saying....see...told ya. Then he wanted to take baby bears temperature.....He held out the thermometer to go under his tongue, and again I told him that he needed the the head scanner. But he stuck the needle point into baby bears mouth thinking he would get something. It didn't work. surprise surprise!!! lol about 15 minutes later the nurse was back apologizing with his supervisor saying he did it wrong. I laughed and told him not to worry about it. He kept saying how sorry he was. I said hey do you know of one person in the medical field who has never made a mistake? He couldn't answer...I said don't worry about it. How else is he supposed to learn than through some of his mistakes? It he was doing something that could of hurt my bear I would have stopped it. But he was harmless, and we were right there. I just hope he got that I was telling him how to do it right, and maybe next time he will listen more to the patient or patients parent. ha ha ha

The doctor came back after an hour and a half and told us everything came back just fine. They gave us a handout of things to look out for and to keep an eye on him. We were sent home with an appointment the next day to have a check up with pediatrics.

Papa Bear took us home and then headed back to work on his bike so we could have the car. I fed baby bear and then had to pump as I never got to this morning and it had been 18 hours since I last pumped. I got 30 oz. ha ha ha ouch!!! After Baby Bear had a nap and then we headed into Buy Buy Baby and to JoAnne's crafts. I bought baby bear a rain maker toy and a ball that squeaks because he was such a good boy and trooper.

So I think I was more of a basket case than baby bear was, and was so worried. I know he was all right, but when it initially happened....I was scared!!!
Hopefully we won't have any other ER visits for a while. lol

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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