October 6, 2011

The seasons they are a changin!

Insanity!!!! Last week it was so hot I had the Air Conditioning on, and this week I have the heater on. Not sure how I feel about this, but hey it's happening. lol

Yesterday it poured rain all day. It was pretty cold, but it was fun to cuddle up with Baby Bear. We played a whole lot, and cuddled since his teeth were bugging him. We cleaned in his room and in the house.

He has been so amazing lately. I can't believe all the changes he is making. And my baby is getting so big. Granted he is still tiny and in 0-3 month clothing.....but he is making so many changes. He knows which toys are his favorites, and loves to try new things. Yesterday he discovered my box full of colorful markers and played with them for a long time. lol He loved getting each and every one out of the box. lol

Lately Baby Bear has been fighting with Papa Bear at night. He will be tired and wanting to sleep, but as soon as Papa Bear takes him into his room to sleep he throws a fit! He cries and gets all sorts of upset....Poor Papa Bear has tried and tried....but alas Baby Bear has been pretty demanding in that he only wants Mama Bear to put him to sleep. It is frustrating. We are going to try some other things that will hopefully work. He doesn't have a problem with Papa Bear, just a major preference in who puts him to bed. lol And it isn't naps, he will fall asleep with Papa Bear during the day....it's just night time. lol

Baby Bear is getting super good at pulling himself up on the furniture. Yesterday he figured out how to pull himself up to the second lever on the entertainment center which houses the Blue Ray player.....Yah we put a stop to that pretty fast. ha ha ha We put up a barrier so that hopefully he can't get to it. And we will be figuring out something different soon to do with the entertainment center. Because now he can reach the Receiver, and the Blue Ray. Soon he will be able to reach the t.v. box. lol

Three times this week I have been taking a meal to someone in the ward. She had a surgery and so has been slow to recover. She has two super cute twins. A boy and a girl who I think are 12. It has been nice just cooking double meals so that I have enough for my family, and I can freeze some as well. ;0) I have one more meal to fix tonight and haven't decided what to make them yet, but it will be yummy. lol

I have felt in a rut recently as I feel the house isn't fully put together yet. I just want it finished!! There isn't that much left to do, but I still haven't found some things, and need to. One thing I haven't found yet is an impression of Riley's hand and foot print from when he was a month old. I have found everything else that was around it in his room....but for some reason His prints weren't with any of it. I am guessing it is somewhere in the garage....but I need to find it. Those prints really mean a lot to me.

Baby Bear talks a lot now. He babbles about everything it is so cute. He watches Sesame Street every day while I pump and he loves Elmo!! ha ha ha ha He loves when I toss the ball to him, and he tries to catch it. He has been pretty amazing lately. I know every mom says that.....but I am so in love with my little man. I love watching him sleep. When he laughs in his sleep it is just so cute. It melts my heart. But last night he must have had a bad dream or something...he was still asleep and cried and cried......My poor baby I felt so bad. I picked him up and sang to him and rocked him. After a little while he stopped crying and was okay. But still I felt so bad for my little man.
The other night I was putting dishes away while Papa Bear was feeding baby bear dinner and baby bear noticed reflections for the first time. He was watching my reflection in the big sliding glass door and watched me walking back and forth in the kitchen. I walked up behind him talking and waving to him in the window while he watched. I then fluttered my fingers down to his head and that was a bad idea.......My poor baby bear cried and cried....it scared him so bad!! I felt bad. i I tried to reassure him that it was okay but he wasn't convinced. My poor little guy.

Lately I have been wanting to snuggle with my little man. He is always on the move and so that does not leave much time for snuggles. So when I put him down for a nap I wanted to snuggle. But I figured I should go take a nap myself and if I bring him we probably won't get much sleep. Well I got him to sleep and then crawled into my bed. Harley crawled under the covers and to the bottom of the bed (his spot) and I rolled over for a nap. I was playing solitaire trying to wind down when Baby bear started to wake after just 20 minutes. So I caved and went into his room scooped him out of his crib (still sleeping) and climbed into my bed where we took an amazing 2.5 hour nap snuggling together. Nothing is better than having my little man cuddled in my arms. He woke up happy and not cranky, and after he was really awake....he ate a huge lunchy munchy!
Yesterday he caught his first spider......and after searching on the net we found out it is a garden orb weaver. yuck! This thing is bigger than a silver dollar, and strikes at you with his front legs!! I hate spiders and after searching through hundreds of pictures of the creepy crawlers I am sure I will have nightmares. lol

Well that is all for now. Here are some fun pics for you
XoXo-Andrea Carla

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