October 17, 2011

Dude...Where's my car?

So this morning I was woken by Papa Bears phone vibrating on his nightstand. It turned out to be his work calling....... He had to head in to take care of 3 Marines who seemed to have got themselves into some trouble. Ughhh go figure.

But it wouldn't take to long. And we had a big family day planned. We really haven't done to much since moving here as a family, and so we had planned to go to a pumpkin patch, go on a hayride, and take some cute pictures. lol We were going to make a day of it. So Papa Bear headed into work, and Baby Bear and Mama Bear had some breakfast.

Afternoon came and went and Papa Bear was still at work. He finally arrived home around 3 p.m. (ish) And told me all about what he was having to deal with all day long. Poor guy.... He had to deal with 3 Marines who were all on restriction who snuck out of the barracks, got smashing drunk, got a DUI, and non of them remember it. Ughhhh

What I don't understand.......is ...........What happened to the Marines who respected the Corps? You know the ones who had a fear of what would happen if they messed up, and so tried their hardest not to mess up. Is this the new corps? If it is.....it is no good. It seems like these young guys don't have a respect for themselves, and the corps like they used to. They don't have a pride of being a Marine. It seems like they feel they are entitled to the respect of being a Marine, but don't feel it goes both ways.
I am willing to bet that because Recruits no longer get the tar scared out of them at boot camp...there is a lack of respect for those who are a higher rank. Also when you used to get into trouble.....you got put on a working party of making big rocks into little rocks with a sledge hammer. Guys were afraid to be put on these and so tried not to get into trouble. But now they did away with that and so no one cares if they get into trouble.....There is no fear.....and no respect.

So the 3 bears headed to Home Depot to pick up some supplies, when Papa Bear got the call that he had to pick up one of those Marines now from the jail because he somehow posted bail. It would have taken Papa Bear and hour to run us home drop us off and then head back into town to pick up this kid. So we all went along for the ride. Baby Bear had his first visit to a jail.... (actually we sat in the car and did not go in, but it sounds funnier that way) I was hoping that he would be a little older for this....but alas.... lol

We picked up the kid and took him to the barracks on base. Because he was on a military hold, and who knows where his car was any ways...Now a normal person who is sorry for what they did....and is sorry for the problems they cause....and is sorry for making his Ssgt work all day on his day off.....would apologize to his Ssgt, and maybe his family for his stupidity.... But this kid did not care at all. He was in no way remorseful.....and.....seemed to think that none of it was his fault! Ughhhh one of those people that are never to blame. So we took him on base and Baby Bear and I waited on this little punk for 3 hours! Then we got to take him to another part of base because his unit was mad that this was his 3rd strike and really didn't want him any more!!! So by the time we finally got home......it was 10 p.m. Poor Baby Bear had missed his late lunch snack, dinner, and his bottle for bed. But he had been such a sweet and good baby bear the entire time. I had some crackers, fish, little things for snacks that he ate...

So that was our fun filled family day. lol We sure know how to have fun right?!!! lol

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