March 23, 2010

Busy Bee's

So this week has been super busy for me, but I have been having fun. I feel like I need a few days off just to catch up with life but things are very good in our household.

Monday Chuck had the day off, and so I went to my first class at TuTe. I love the eternal marriage class. I know I am married, but you can never stop improving yourself and your marriage. Well I skipped out on my second class to spend the day with Chuck. We went to the Gun range in Concord for the 1st time, and got to shoot with some people from our ward. It was really fun. Afterwards we headed to Diggers Diner, and had some really scrumptious food! My Sandwich was Uber messy, and if felt like I was playing in it more than eating it! lol Afterwards Chuck and I headed around town window shopping. And yes...these are my targets! lol

Wednesday was a pretty cool day. Institute was really fun, and then we had Forum. Our speaker this week, is a WWII vet, and is 92 years old! He was so sweet, and so cute! I just loved hearing him talk. ;0) And what was the best part, was he said....Even though he was at war, and scared.....he felt The Holy Ghost with him, and was at peace. I just thought that was so profound of a statement! ;0) He went on to tell about how he earned 2 purple hearts, and The Oak Leaf Cluster, The Bronze Star, and Combat Infantry Badge. He also received the 318th Presidential Unit Citation for Meritorious Service in the Battle of the Bulge under General George S. Patton.
We ate lunch with him, and had Corned Beef and Cabbage and it was scrumpdiliumtious! I really loved it. I had never had it before, and I was very impressed!! ;0) After Institute, I took a plate to Chuck of the Corned Beef, and he liked it. Afterwards we went to a quick movie of Alice in Wonderland! I will give a review of it later, but all I have to say is MEH!! Later that night, we watched the Movie Planet 51, and I thought it was pretty sweet! ;0)

Thursday Chuck had to work late, so we had lunch together, and then I came back later that night and we drove to Brentwood so he could talk to a bunch of people about the trip to Uganda with the captain. It took forever before they let them start!! We had to listen to a bunch of nonsense before that.

Chuck's video is to long, and for some reason won't load! ;0(

Friday I went with Chuck to Travis AFB and shopped around the exchange while he was at a dr. appointment. With delays and everything we ended up being there most of the day! lol

Sunday was a big eventful day for me!! I received my Patriarchal Blessing! ;0) Chuck and I drove to the Patriarch's house in Oakland, and we only made one wrong turn. lol We even saw a beautiful old hand crank car sitting outside someones home that they were trying to turn over!! It was fun to see. The houses in the area were really beautiful. I would say a lot of them looked like they were built in the 20's or 30's. They were fun to drive by and we picked out the ones we liked. We met some very good friends of ours there, and had them attend my blessing as well. We love the Oyler's and think the world of them. I don't know if you have every met someone that you would like to become....But I have. They are so strong and firm in what they believe, and they just radiate with the spirit each time you are around them! They are always so happy, and it is very contagious! ;0) We love them so much, and feel that is was a special privilege that they were able to attend my blessing. ;0) I was pretty excited, and I think I was expecting a lot more than what was said. But maybe I was just setting myself up with expecting something. So I am excited for when I will receive the written one, that way I can read it and pray about what it says in it. And maybe I will get some more out of it! ;0) lol But after the blessing, the spirit was so strong!! I have never in my life felt it like that before, and I felt like I was floating!! ;0) I felt so amazing and comforted!! It really was an amazing experience, and to have my husband and friends there to share that with me, made it so much better. Afterwards Chuck was called into work on our way to church, so we weren't able to go, but it was a very special day. I went with Chuck to his work, and we hung out the rest of the day. ;0)

Sorry I haven't updated you in a while, but as you can see I have been a little busy! I will try to keep up this week! lol

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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  1. You have been so busy! Okay, too funny that your dogs have doggles. I loved the shooting experience and would like to do it again. I want to feel more confident in my skills. Also, such wonderful news about your patriarchal blessing. I love the Oylers too. They are a great couple.