March 12, 2010

A Piecce of my mind!!

Nonnie thinks that:..........

Running a red light to get onto the freeway isn't going to get you anywhere!!!

Stepping out in front of a moving car is not going to ensure you get to your class sooner!

Contrary to popular Yukon cannot stop on a dime, and it will run you and your 10 little ragamuffins over when you run out in front of it!

She very much dislikes the noisy neighbor kids!

I have not found my happy, but am trying to find it.....I just don't know where I put it!!

Playdough is the essence of childhood.

My dog has the walkin farts. And it makes me laugh really hard! ;0)

A roaring fire on a cold evening can soothe the soul.

She does not understand why 13 year old girls need to dress like hookers these days.

She is convinced Happily Ever After does not exist except in fairy tales!

She owns way to much junk and still needs to get rid of more of it!

She feels very lonely when her husband is out of town!

Is happy people read her ramblings she throws out into the world!! ;0)

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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