November 19, 2011

3 Sick Little Bears

The 3 bears have been sick lately, but we are starting to come out of it. Papa Bear got sick and gave it to Baby Bear and I at the beginning of the month. Of course Papa Bear got over it in 2 days. Baby bear got a little ear infection and is now over it thanks to some medication. Mama Bear is still sick. Although I am starting to get over it. I have had this cold now for 3 weeks and it is getting old. But then again you know I seem to always be sick. lol If you even look at me from across a room and you are sick..... I seem to somehow catch the cold without even coming in contact with you. I am pretty sure I could be in a glass box and I would still get sick from someone standing on the outside. ha ha go figure.
Papa Bear has been working a lot. Soon he will be training someone else to take his spot and he will take on another job. But he leaves when it is still dark outside, and he comes home after it is dark again. Poor guy is working himself to the bone. But I think it kind of make it worth it when he walks in the door every evening and a few minutes later Baby Bear hears him and gets UBER excited that his dad dad is home. It is so cute. Baby Bear gets this massive grin and usually screams in excitement. It is pretty awesome to see and hear.
Baby Bear is growing up way to fast. Now he is still my small little guy weighing in at 14lbs. But he is making leaps and bounds elsewhere. He climbs things now. He has figured out how to use a Rubbermaid bin and a pillow as leverage to climb up on the couch and into Mama Bears arms. lol It cracks me up. He has also learned to cry a little when he wants something or is demanding attention. I try pretty hard to be firm about telling him no and not to laugh at him when he does his cute little pout but it is hard. lol He is so stinkin cute when he does that. He scrunches up his nose, makes a snorting sound, and sticks out his lower lip. It cracks me up.
He loves music. So when he hears singing on the t.v. he turns to watch it. And today the Wiggles were singing and he turned to watch it.....and they started clapping, and he dropped what he was doing and started clapping with them! I had a proud Mama moment then. lol
Christmas is right around the corner, and I am soooo stinking excited!!!! We ordered Baby Bears stocking. It is a nice needlepoint of Santa and his reindeer. And his name is stitched at the top. We all have reindeer stocking holders, and I just cannot wait until we can decorate!!! This year I will start doing the advent books with Baby Bear. So starting on Dec 1st. Every afternoon after Baby Bears nap he will wake up to find a new present under the tree. He will get to open it and it will be a book for us to read. We will read the story and then do a craft that ties in with the book. I am excited to do this each year. It will be super fun. I can't wait for the Cookie Dough Fairy to visit us so we will be able to make Santa's favorite cookies for Christmas. I will for the 1st time make a Dutch breakfast that my family has been making since the beginning of time. lol I am UBER excited to be able to continue all these traditions that I grew up with that I haven't been able to do since Papa Bear hasn't been to big into holidays. I think Christmas is really growing on him, but I don't think it is as big of a holiday for him as it is for me. But I really do hope it does become this way for Baby Bear.
Last month I got to attend my first Ladies Night Out at the base Hobby Shop. It was pretty fun. We made Fused glass. And I absolutely loved doing it. I am trying to get them to do more. I had 3 1/2 hours of uninterrupted Mama Bear crafting time. It was sheer awesomeness!! Well Wednesday Baby Bear and I got to attend our first Mommy and me Crafting class. We have such a tight schedule in the morning that it is impossible for us to get anywhere. But I really tried to get to the class by 10 a.m. But alas we were half an hour late. And by the time we arrived there was only one other person there. everyone one else had already left. ;0( Blast!! I was hoping to meet some other military wives. But it is probably for the best since I am still a tad bit sick. So one of the employees came over and helped us out. We got a cute little plate and then painted Baby Bears hand brown. His hand print came out pretty cute. Then I took a little brush and painted around his little fingers different colors and made his hand print into a turkey. It was fun and challenging seeing as he was in my lap, on the table, and crawling all over the place. lol Here is the finished fired plate. It was pretty fun to do. Well I was still feeling very creative, so Baby Bear and I went back out into the main hobby area and looked at all the ceramics for sale. We picked out a little tile for Baby Bear to paint on his own: I love that this is his first art project, and I was able to capture it. ;0) Next I made a platter since we have none. I found a really cool one. Now the tree did not turn out anything like I thought it would. So I am going to take it back in and redo it. Then I still had an itching to make something else. So I grabbed another platter and decided to make another, but this one with some prints of Baby Bears. ;0) It isn't all nice and perfect, but I think it gives it character.

We had so much fun. I think I could have stayed all day crafting until my heart was content. But then again if that was the case I could still be there painting. lol

Friday I got to go to another Ladies night out. Another 3 1/2 hours of painting and crafting. I learned so much about painting ceramics. It was so much fun. I learned how to blend the colors, and made an amazing platter that is big enough to hold a turkey. Here is the picture of the finished product before it has been glazed and fired.

Well that is all for now. I hope everyone is doing well.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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