November 8, 2011

Ohhh Poop!!

The last few nights Baby Bear and I have been having a sleep over in his room. His room gets to cold at night even with the heater on. And so I have been camping on the floor so the space heater can stay on and I can keep an eye on it. I wake now and then and turn it on or off. But it allows for some more heat to stay in the room. It has been a little fun to wake up to my smiling little man in the morning. lol However Baby Bear decided to wake at 5 this morning, and stay up. Ughhhh So after failing to get him back to sleep after his morning bottle.....We went to the living room so he could play. I tried to drink some good ole Dr. Pepper....but it wasn't helping. I fell asleep on the couch while Baby Bear played in the living room. I woke a few minutes later to him coming over to tell me that it was breakfast time. I noticed some brownish green smudged on his face, one hand, and his tongue!! OH CRAP!!! I had heard of these horror stories where babies get into their diaper. I was horrified. I checked him, but there was nothing in his diaper. Hmmmm. So I looked around to see if we had failed to throw out a diaper. I couldn't find any. He still had some animal cracker on his face from earlier...but this new color was for sure poopy. Ughhhhh I wasn't going to let my child become that kid who eats poop! I hunted everywhere and then finally found it. A gold marker. Apparently gold marker mixed with some animal cracker looks a lot like poop. Phew! I think I almost cried I was so relieved. I was feeling so guilty for falling asleep on him and the fact he might have eaten something horrid. (HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF!!)

Mama and Baby Bear are still sick. Me more so than him. Papa Bear seems to be over it. Of course. I do not understand why I have such a weak immune system. Oh well.

Here are some pictures of what crafts I have been doing here and there to de-stress.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

Ceramic Ice Cream Bowls

Fused Glass

Halloween Wreath

crayon art for Baby Bears room

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