April 7, 2012

Baby Bear's first Birthday's!!

What fun Baby Bear had for his first Birthday! For his actual birthday we went out to dinner thanks to our Marva Bear. We ate at Claim Jumpers and had so much fun.  We bought a few balloons for Baby Bear which he LOVED and he kept a good grip on them the entire dinner.
He had an awesome Birthday party at the house which was loads of fun. We got to see people that we hadn't seen in ages!!  Papa Bear manned the BBQ, and I made cake and more cake, and more cake. I think it is very safe to say that I went way overboard with the cake.  We had tons and tons of food. I am thinking way to much food. But that also stemmed from his birthday party was going to be a whole lot bigger than it actually was. Baby Bear had a lot of fun, and I think was loving being the center of attention. lol

       Next Baby Bear and I flew back home to get his 1 year pictures taken. Now this turned out to be a real challenge. Baby Bear was awesome during his first flight.......but soon after arriving.....he turned into mister cranky pants. As it turned out his two top front teeth were coming in and I had no idea so he was pretty miserable.  I felt bad that I wasn't more aware. The pictures were a challenge as he was hurting and just wanted to be held by his Mama.  Through my  un-artistic eye I was convinced we didn't even get one good picture at all. But My amazing sister took some stellar photos of him. She just released them this week, and wow are they fantastic!!! I could not see what she was seeing in the pictures......but she sure is talented because she caught some great shots, some funny faces, and some perfect moments. She caught him making faces that showed his everyday cuteness and that just melted my heart!! Because normally when you go to a photographer you get the generic smiles and poses. But she got his personality in the pictures!!  AMAZING!!! She is soooo talented....and I am not just saying that because she is my sister. When I get the photos I will share some.   If you are curious who my amazing photographer sister is.... you can see her work here at Caitland Photography .

   We had a small family Birthday party for Baby Bear with my parents, and Sister's family. Baby Bear had soooo much fun playing with his cousins. He played, and played, and played!!! And this was all without any nap that day!! He didn't even have a meltdown! I know.....it was pretty amazing! I loved watching him play with his cousins. It made me a little sad knowing that he can't play with them all the time. But I am already looking forward to when we can go home for a visit again and he can hang with his cool cousins again. lol

The trip turned out to be pretty stressful as Baby Bear's teething, and clingy behavior  were a challenge. Plus we didn't have a car to run into town with.  Next our trip was cut short and I had to move up my flight due to Papa Bear's last minute notification from the Marine Corps that he was heading to North Carolina for a few months before I was set to return. So we had to rush home without seeing anyone else just in time for Papa to leave.

So that was our crazy birthday schedule.  Here are some highlight photos I hope you enjoy

XoXo-Mama Bear
The 7 tier cake...... lol Yup I am a nerd!

Cake Balls!!!

Got Food?

Can't tell I made it can ya? lol

Our first ever SMASH cake. He ended up not digging into it very much. And didn't care to eat it either. lol go figure!

Marva Bear!

some of the decorations. 3 dozen balloons, and tons of signs, and streamers and little odds and ends. lol

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