April 18, 2012

Trapped in the Doldrums

Yes I seem to be stuck here for now. And these are the Doldrums from The Phantom Tolbooth, not the  Ocean one. It is funny how some rotten news can pull a person into a type of depression that seems to never end.  And the longer you are stuck with it, the worse it becomes.  You dwell and fester in it and soon your entire life becomes the BOG OF ETERNAL STENCH!  A place of dead nothingness. That is where I feel I am right now.

Life has slowly been draining me lately and even though I feel like I am fighting tooth and nail to stay above water....I feel like I am being sucked under.  And on top of the rotten news....... My landlord is acting like a real tool, I started selling Scentsy again an after receiving permission from Scentsy to sell on a military yard sale website......They have back peddled and now I have to pull my ads and am out the money. A Marine Cpl.'s wife has been harassing me and won't stop, and I have been stood up by 7 different people all in a few days.  This Mama Bear needs a break. She  needs to feel special, amazing, and get some rest. But since that won't happen I have been settling for Doritos and Dr. Pepper.

Baby Bear's eating has not been going well at all lately.  It has become a fight to get him to eat or sleep, or anything really.  I must say fighting all day and feeling like a POS really takes a toll on a person.  Although 2 nights in a row now he has slept better when I feed him ice cream right before bed. Hmmmm Kind of weird.

Baby Bear took me out on a hot date the other day and we had some fun. It was nice to get out of the house and not have to think about life for a bit. First the Bear took us out to eat at Lucille's BBQ. This place is soooo yummy Normally I am not that big of a fan of BBQ  joints. But this place has a great variety of chow!  First Baby Bear ordered us some fried shrimp that was divine. Next he ordered us tall glasses of milk. Then we shared some hot sugary rolls that had just come out of the oven. And for the main meal he ordered himself some chicken tender, and Mac and Cheese. Baby Bear ordered a super yummy dish for his Mama.  The original Pulled Pork Sandwich lathered in the original BBQ sauce. It was a great lunch. Next Baby Bear wanted to walk around all the cute little shops in the outside mall.  He took Mama to the new Coach store and bought her a surprise gift. Such a sweet heart!  Next he took us to the mall so mama could find a headband for her new hairdo.  Then we headed home because Baby Bear wanted a good ole nappy nap which he did not take.

Lately my hair has been driving me nuts. I never have a spare hour to do it. It is so thick and long that it takes ages to do it. I have been wanting to cut it off as It is always frizzy, It is always pulled back in a braid or bun, and it takes forever to wash it. So the other day I decided to cut it. I would love to just get it cut to my shoulders or ears, but the it is still a huge puffy frizzed out mess. So I asked for it to be chopped off. ALL OF IT!  Yup. Baby Bear sat on my lap while it was cut, washed, and cut again. He was really well behaved except when the receptionist kept turning on the vacuum and it would scare him. 11 inches were cut and donated to Locks of Love, and 14 inches were cut off total. I have to say I really love it. I can shower in 5 minutes now. Not take half an hour to an hour and run out of hot water, and still not ge all the soap out. lol No more getting my hair pulled by little man, and no more painful rubber bands in my hair. Woooohooo.  Now I haven't gotten he best reaction about my hair from friends and family. One person simply just said WOW in a yucky tone of voice. And another said What were you thinking.....were you PMSing?  It may not look great, but I didn't feel like I looked pretty in the first place so what's the difference?

Well that is all I can write about at the moment as Baby Bear is awake from his nap and causing mischief and mayhem all over the house.

XoXo-Mama Bear

Just cut 11 inches off. 14 inches total

Right after my haircut

New hair

Our Hot date night!

Our Hot date night

Hamming it up for the camera on our Hot date!

1st time eating an Oreo. And I will add that whole mess was half an Oreo. lol

Bubble time at Nursery

Already being chased by the girls

He Loves Nursery time!


  1. Wow you went short! I think it is very hard for people to wrap their minds around such a drastic change when they first see it, I am sure your family will warm up to it as they get used to it. (I wonder what Chuck will say!) I wear my hair up in a bun or a braid everyday, and occasionally I get a wild hair and cut it, usually to start growing it out that very same day since I always regret it! I have just come to the conclusion that having my hair up is just as valid a hairstyle as having it cut into a hairstyle, and so I mostly leave it alone now lengthwise. (I actually hate the feeling of my hair being loose, it drives me mad!) I only wash my hair once to twice a week, so it really never bothers me much to wash and dry it, and I am to the point where I can do an elaborate bun in less time then it would take me to put gel in my hair (when it was short, I hated how I would wake up with crazy hair!) But I do totally understand the urge to chop it all off for a change!(I do my best to limit the impulse to the occasional addition of a fringe or buy some pretty clips instead as I always regret the fringe too!)

  2. I love your short hair! I think it looks really modern. Have you see Anne Hathaway's new page boy haircut and Emma Watson's pixie hair cut - you are trendy and can shower faster!! Win win in my book!