April 12, 2012

Dangerously Close

Oh my goodness! The other day I was having one of those days. You know the ones where you cry, whine, and feel that in general the world hates you. I came DANGEROUSLY close to publishing a blog letting my venomous hate for life right now show. I blogged, vented, ranted, and whined. I mean I was really letting it all out in my post.  Then I started to think about what my readers would think.  My mother would freak out in the YOUR UNDERWEAR IS SHOWING kind of way. My sister would hang her head in embarrassment, and my Aunt who I think reads this would find out that I really am not sane at all. lol

      So I deleted it. Although I must say it felt good to just lash out at the world for a minute even if no one else saw or heard it. ha ha ha

    Life has been insane lately. I have become completely maxed out. I have painful blisters constantly on my hands that I only get when I am stressed. And then to add to that my landlord has started to be a real pain in the patilla. lol

     Baby Bear has officially become a little terror. He has managed to figure out how to get his sweet little hands in drawers even if they have child safety locks on them. I was fixing dinner last night and he was playing in the cupboard with the bowls and Tupperware. Suddenly he walks up to me and hands me one of Papa's butcher knives. HOLY MOO COW!  It was in a drawer that was locked. But apparently my little Bear has figured out how to get past all that. So on today's agenda I will be purging some junk in the kitchen, and moving items up a lot higher. I will also be purchasing some bins for items to go in that can no longer be in drawers and need to sit high on a shelf. lol  

   This little boy sure does keep me busy. Never a dull moment here. ha ha ha

Well that is all that is going on here on my little Island of chaos. talk to you all soon. ;0) Here are a few entertaining photos for you all.

XoXo-Mama Bear

This is his new girlfriend. He was flirting with her at the Easter Egg Hunt on base as we stood in line. She let him hang on the fence as he loves to do things like that. ha ha ha

Hanging out at the Easter Egg Hunt on base.

Nice Hair! lol

So handsome wearing our Baby Gap. ;0)

These are the eggs I made. I traced out the eggs, cut the shapes out on my scroll saw, and then sanded them down. Next I painted and covered in mod podge to seal. ;0)

Our very first taste of an Oreo cookie.

I think he really enjoyed his first taste of Chicken pot pie, and an Oreo cookie!! ;0) ha ha ha Even his foot got a taste of it.

He was laughing and snorting as I would swat at him with his jammies. His snort is soooo cute

A very tired but happy Bear. He WALKED all the way from the bank to the dollar store and back holding onto Mama's hand so she could buy him a balloon! He adores them!

Hmmm....I am not sure, but I think he liked his Lasagna.

what do you think? lol

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  1. Ha! Ha! Loved the story about your rant. Can totally identify. You were right to delete it, though. Reminds me of the Carrie Newcomer song "Don't Push Send." It's hilarious but true. The Internet is the new "public square" and things can go bad so easily.