April 29, 2012

Forms of Torture

There are several forms of torture.

Psychological torture methods (according to Wikipedia)
  • Shaming and public humiliation, being stripped or displayed naked, public condemnation
  • Shunning
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Solitary confinement
  • Exposure to unpleasant sounds over a long period of time (like a large group of children suddenly screaming at the top of their lungs.)
So these are a few that I felt I have been subjected to on several different levels lately. And you know the funny part.....99.9% of it is self inflicted. How is that healthy in any way?

Having a child and being married seems to be a great thing, and something that can end you all at the same time.

Nothing has improved lately. The Bear is still slowly draining the life out of me. He has been on a type of hunger strike the last few days. I can get him to eat a few bites like one or two. But that is about it. It's really frustrating. He is so hungry and tired. But he won't sleep and won't eat and he is slowly melting down. ughhhhh

Today Baby Bear and I went to his first movie in the theater. It went really well and it is the first movie I have been to in 1 1/2 years. lol wow!!! We went on base to see a sensory sensitive movie The Lorax. It wasn't the relaxing time I thought it would be, but hey it was something to do. I figured baby bear would fall asleep in my lap since he didn't sleep well the night before and hadn't had a nap yet. But alas he did not. At first he thought the movie was wicked awesome. But then he got bored an wanted to walk along the back of the theater or have e hold and bounce him. lol He would watch the movie if I was bouncing him to the music and such. lol Go figure. But the second I would sit down he wanted to get down and run around.  It was a cute movie and only cost me $3 on base....so it was the perfect tester movie. lol

Well I was just informed that my me time is up.

XoXo-Mama Bear

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