September 23, 2012

As Long as I'm Living my Baby you'll be!!

This post goes in conjunction with the last post.  Listening to Taylor Swifts song Ronan has made me think a whole lot about my amazing Baby Bear.  I truly am blessed to have such a beautiful baby bear.

   I know lately I have been down in the dumps. But I really am trying so hard to keep going and find happiness in the smallest of places. And what better small place to find joy and happiness than my itty bitty little baby bear?!!

I fought for 10 years for my Bear. And now I have him.. = JOY!

His laugh is so wonderful and contagious... =JOY!

His smile can lift your spirits...... =JOY!!

He is trying so hard to learn new words, and is doing so well....=JOY!!

He blows me KISSES....... =ULTIMATE JOY!!

I get hugs and kisses on demand..... =Happy Happy JOY JOY!

Everyone who meets him says he is so sweet and cute...... = Fills my heart with Love and JOY!

So there are just a few little things to bring my spirits up that I can focus on.

           I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living my baby you'll be.

XoXo-Mama Bear

Sporting his new Harry Potter Glasses.


A Bear and his Animal!

Yummy Dinner

A Bear and his bestest BUD!

I don't think our clothes fit... lol

Our first merry go round ride

Best Friends taking a little nappy nap

Silly boy!

Little Surfer Boy!

My sweet little Baby Bear after his bath!

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