September 13, 2012

I Love you to the Moon and Back

Many of you might have seen the video that has been circulating lately about the song Taylor Swift wrote about a little boy with cancer. It is a great song, and is so beautiful. I listened to it and even though I am a huge booboo baby I didn't cry. But this evening my friend posted a link of a news story telling who the song was about.  The entire time I watched all I could see was my little Baby Bear and I was filled with all the warm fuzzy feelings of how much I love that little man.

So here is the beautiful song:
I am so in love with this song.  It really makes me so thankful every day for my little man. And tonight it made me think a lot about how even though life has been pretty rough lately.....but my Baby Bear is so beautiful and amazing. And even though doctors cannot find out what is going on with my little guy...he is still the most wonderful thing in the world to me.

XoXo-Mama Bear

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