April 6, 2011

A chatter box, and a giant!

This week has been pretty eventful at our house. On Monday Riley started talking. for a good 20 minutes he just talked to me. It was so cute and amazing. He was talking to me and telling me all sorts of things. lol It was just out of the blue that he started cooing and such. I got it on tape and I have watched it a million times already. lol I was having a stressful day and felt tired and frustrated over breastfeeding. But then seeing my little man talk to me like that just made my day and changed everything! How can you have a bad day with a cute face like that? lol He would pucker his lips, flare his nostrils, and coo. Aughhhh I think I might have to go watch the video again.

One thing that is nice that has come from being a mommy is I can sleep. I am always so stinkin tired that now when I lay down at night.....it takes me a few minutes to fall asleep, but usually I find myself falling asleep while still playing on my phone. ;0) For anyone who knows me....you know that I hav had insomnia for years and years. It was annoying, but I adapted to it fine and was functional as a night owl. It was just annoying to my friends and family that were morning people. So now to be able to lie down and just crash out is amazing.

Yesterday was Riley's Dr. visit. He grew a lot, and the Dr. is pleased. He gained 5oz. and grew 2 inches!!! He is so long now that we joke he is a giant. He still wears newborn diapers and clothing. But newborn footed Jammie's (most) are starting to get to short for him. He now weighs in at 9lbs. 2oz. wooohooo my little man is getting so big. Riley also had shots yesterday and he wasn't such a big fan of them. Chuck met me at the Dr.'s and made it just in time to hold Riley for his shots.....Phew....I was afraid I was going to have to do it. I found myself getting ancy and irritated that the nurse wasn't hurrying fast enough so it would be over for him. She didn't do anything wrong, I was just being weird. lol But she is pretty cool. When the Dr. came in to talk to me, Riley started talking again and was talking over the Dr. finally the dr. stopped to let Riley finish before he continued. lol It was pretty cute! After the appointment Chuck made the next one with the receptionist while so I could go to my mommy and me class which I am really loving. It isn't the lesson that I love, I just love the socializing with other mommies that are frustrated with the same things I am. And after the class we all stick around for almost an hour and just hang out and talk. Today I was the last one out because Riley was napping and I didn't want to bother the poor little man as he had his shots and I wanted to let him snooze for a few. I ended up getting stuck in the parking garage and had to have Chuck come rescue me. lol oooopps!!

We got our new freezer yesterday. I have been producing so much milk that we didn't have any more room to freeze it. I even had to dump 24oz. down the drain because I didn't have room in our little freezer. So I got a clearance one and picked it up yesterday. I am very happy with it, as I can store milk in there, and also make big meals for dinner and always freeze half for a later date. Momma Bear is happy about this. lol Who woulda thunk that I would get excited over a freezer. ha ha ha

On Sunday I finally got to go grocery shopping after trying for 3 days. I had clipped coupons for a few days, and for being my first time I am pleased with the results. Our bill was $239.35 with coupons and sales I saved 21% for a total of $49 wooohoooo Yah I was pretty proud of myself.

I had better go now, I am falling asleep while typing. lol

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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