April 18, 2011

The Prettiest Pretty EVER!

This is not the happiest post, but I wanted to blog about it.

Our beautiful Paige passed away at 4 a.m. on 4/18/2011. Yah I am pretty sad about it. Paige was given to me on our second anniversary. That would be 2002 for those who don't know. She was only 8 months old at the time and so small. She was the runt of the litter, and had been slightly abused before we got her. She was rescued from a guy that was fighting Pit Bulls. Her parents were champion fighters and had bred her mom. She would not fight. The guy who owned her was upset that she was so cold and wouldn't fight back. That was a blessing for us. So we took her into our home after she had been adopted by a young kid and his grandma and then given back after they fought and she no longer had a home. We loved Paige. This was Chuck's first real pet. Sure he had pets growing up as a kid. But he had never had one that had become part of the family. The first night we had Paige we put her in her kennel at the bottom of our bed. I had turned on a night light so I could see her, and not kick the cage in the middle of the night. She cried and cried, so once Chuck was asleep I put her in bed with us and then moved her to the cubby in our headboard. She slept in that for a while. ;0) Little did we know that I had just created a monster. She became the biggest bed hog. lol

Paige became my little girl. She sure loved us. We spoiled her an took her everywhere with us. When Chuck deployed, I would take her to the beach every morning around 5 a.m. She was afraid of the waves, but loved splashing in the pools of water she could find. Paige wasn't to big on playing with other dogs, but since Chuck was deployed a lot I would take her to the dog park as much as possible. She played well with other dogs, but she enjoyed running around the most. The neighbors downstairs from us got a Chihuahua, and that scared Paige. That little thing actually backed my Pit Bull into a corner. Yah she was a scaredy Cat in her younger days. lol

I taught her early how to tell when Chuck came home. She learned to recognize the sound of our car and would get super excited when he came home. That was a turning point for her. She started to become a daddy's girl big time. She would jump up on the back of the couch and look out the window to see Chuck's car pull up. No matter where we lived, she would find a way to look out the window for him. Even at our place in La Mesa she would stand on her back legs on our bed and just barely be able to see out the window to the back parking lot. ha ha ha

In 2007 Chuck and I adopted another dog. He was a rescue we got from a Pit Bull rescue and was a pit Bull / Pointer mix. Or rather we called him a Heinz 57. lol He was the tiniest little guy. Paige thought we were nuts for bringing a whiny puppy home. But it was fun having 2 dogs now. Paige tried to teach him manners, but she was lacking slightly in that department. lol

Paige was a great guard dog and older sister to Harley. If you were to have robbed our house....she would have come to greet you, and then gone back to sleep. lol We had several nick names for Paige. Here are a few.....The prettiest pretty ever, Pumpkin, Our Pretty girl, and a Cow.

Paige loved tennis balls. One year for her birthday we I gave her a whole box of them. She was in heaven! She wasn't sure which one to play with first. lol Paiges was also a lover of french fries. sometimes when Chuck was deployed I would get Subway for dinner, and stop and get french fries for Paige. ha ha ha Spoiled much?

She was convinced that our Cal King bed was for her. We had to upgrade to the bigger bed because Chuck and I were losing room with Harley and Paige. lol She would cuddle as close to you as she could get. Her normal cuddle spots were in the small of your back, or your knee pitts. lol And she always insisted on being under the covers. She didn't understand when we got a new couch and told her she couldn't get on it anymore.

Paige loved to ride in the car but insisted to ride on my lap with her sunglasses on. Even when we would take the long car ride back to Utah or Idaho....she would sit on my lap the entire time. She would hang her head out the window as much as possible. And would bark at anyone who got to close to the car, or our house.

Paige saved our marriage on more than one occasion. Because of Paiges childhood before we got her......she had some issues. No one could raise their voice in our house and yell. So that meant.....Chuck and I never yelled at each other. If we got in an argument....and voice started to raise....she would get super upset and either run out of the room....or start shaking and climb in my lap with her ears back and her tail tucked under. So in 10 1/2 years of marriage I am proud to say that we have never yelled at each other. lol Paige was also afraid of tall things. What do I mean you ask?.....well Tall lamps, things that towered over her. If you moved the shade of a lamp, she would run from the room so fast. And the funniest one. Chuck could not chew gum in the house. Paige was deathly afraid of bubble gum. We are not sure if it was bubbles, or the smell of the gum. But Chuck (who loves gum) would forget a lot and come home with gum in his mouth and I could tell because Paige would come running to find me and stand in my lap. It didn't matter what I was doing....she would find a way into my lap and sit there shaking like a leaf. Yah it was funny but I felt bad for her. Who knows what happened to her in her life that made her afraid of these things. She hated bubble wrap, or anything that made a loud noise. She was pretty timid for a Pit Bull.

Paige was a great dog, a blessing for our marriage, and such a wonderful cuddle bug. I miss her so much, but am happy that she is no longer in pain. Paiges you will be missed.

Here are some pictures I was able to find.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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