April 24, 2011

Sunday's Shenanigans

I decided to do the Five for Friday each week, but that just focuses on my man husband......so I decided to start a Sunday one that will be solely for my little man. I wanted to come up with a name that would be ours and ours alone. It's not easy coming up with a word that would sound okay with Sunday. But shenanigans is a great word. This weekly blog will be about 5 things that I love, appreciate, or funny happenings about my little man.

I came up with this in the shower last night. Okay so it wasn't a shower as more of a streaking through water as little man was waking up from round 1 of sleep for the night. But I like to plan ahead for events. I am always scared that I might die, and little man wouldn't know how much I loved him. Sure people might tell him.....but I want him to know from me for sure how I feel in case the worst ever happened. Now don't worry I am not dwelling on my doomsday. I just want to make sure that I create something amazing for him just in case the worst happens. I don't ever want him growing up not knowing how loved he is. I plan on having things made for him when his dad deploys for the same reason. This boy is loved and I don't want him to ever doubt that.
Now let's say I don't get killed by a satellite from space that falls on me....or a toilet that falls from the sky and I live a long healthy life to the annoyance of a few....lol Then this can become a gift I can give my son someday. I can have it printed off and when he is old enough...he will enjoy it. lol (hopefully)

................So without any more chit chatting.....I present................

- Sunday's Shenanigans!!!-

1- I love your funny guy smile!! You do this after you have done something not so funny.

2- You turned 3 months this week, and still wear newborn diapers and clothing. I love that you are staying my baby

3- You discovered your toes this week. I am afraid you might try to pull them off. lol

4- I love how handsome you are. Okay so I am biased.....but you really are so amazing and handsome.

5- It doesn't matter what a beast you might have been the night before because you wouldn't sleep. When you finally do fall asleep.....one look at you and I know that I am so grateful you are in my life.

P.S.-Mamma Bear loves you

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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