April 2, 2011

The GOOD and the BAD

I have most of my books organized, my kitchen, my clothing, the hall closet, and Riley's room. Now when things get messed up and we will say OTHER people don't put things back where they go. It bugs the heck out of me. Lol I try to remain calm and reorganize things, but sometimes it gets so out of hand that I feel like the only way to achieve cleanliness is to get rid of everything and donate it, flush the house, or in an extreme event....burn all the junk! Lol Aughhhh

Having a baby messes my system up. His junk is all over the house. Now they are in neat piles all over the house, but still.....it should all be in his room. If something comes out, it should go back when it is done. Lol Ohhhh can you feel my OCD seeping through this post? Lol I know it shouldn't bother me, and it's just a little clutter. But I can't stand it. I have been really trying to pick up the house every day and clean the kitchen every day. I have been able to keep up with the kitchen for the most part. But my room is a lost cause, and the living room is on the verge of being taken over by baby paraphernalia, sewing stuff, and coupons. Lol
Is there a such thing as death by clutter? My surger came unstrung, and I have read the manual, I have followed the directions, and Chuck even had a go with the thing......but alas I cannot figure it out. I have all this fabric that needs to be made into burp clothes, and I can't do anything without my surger!!! BLAST!!! I had an appointment last Sunday to have a class to learn how to restring it.....but the girl canceled on me. I need to re-schedule.

I now have blisters all over my hands. I only get them when I stress out. Let's see.....which one is causing it this time? Lack of breast pump, not being able to breastfeed, bills, moving, Paige being sick, and the house not being clean enough? I think it's a large serving of the pump with sleep deprivation thrown in on the side. Ha ha This whole pump thing really has me stressed out. I mean it shouldn't be this hard. But of course I can never do anything easy.

I went to the Dr. On Thursday to find out what these two lumps are that I found since I started pumping. They are rather large and I found them a few months ago. I figured they were clogged milk ducts, but with both sides of my family having a history of breast cancer....I figured I should have it checked out. I know it's shocking I went to the Dr. On my own without being hounded by others to do so. Lol I hate wasting a Dr.'s time, because 99.9% of the time all they tell me is they don't know, and they cannot fix it. So I hardly bother going since it is a waste of my time and the Dr.'s. So I went in, and they wouldn't let Chuck and Riley come with me. I thought that was messed up, but didn't argue. I told them that if they found something weird then Chuck was to come in with me when they told me. That way if I did happen to break down, I would have someone there for me. Well after the ultrasound the nurse called Chuck back. The Dr. Came in with the Ultrasound tech, and he proceeded to tell me that they were two large cysts. Each contained liquid and tissue. The Dr. Told me they were Benin, and that he had no idea what they were and in all his years of medical practice he had never seen anything like it. (go figure....I never do anything the easy way) The man was in his mid 60's I think, so he has seen a few. I wondered how he knew they were benign if he didn't know what it was. He said he was going to refer me to a surgeon for further testing. He also stated that he was going to look through his medical books to see if he could find it. Aughhhh such reassurance. Lol

After my Dr. Appointment we went home where I felt kinda stressed. I plopped down on the bed to rest for a minute, and ended up crashing for 4 hours! Ooops! It was much needed. I could have slept longer, but made myself get up. We went for a small drive to run some errands, and we found out that Riley really likes driving in the evening when it is hot with all the windows down and the wind blowing on him. Lol It was pretty cute watching him. He would close his eyes and stick his head up in the car seat rocking his head side to side. He seems like a huge fan. lol We were going to get some groceries, but opted not to as Riley needed to go home and get some chow. It was super hot in the house when we got home, so we had all the windows open, and the fans on and it was still 80 in the house. We stripped Riley down to his dah duh ta da's (diapers) and fed him and put him to bed because he was so warm. He slept for 5 hours straight!!! wooohoooo

Friday was a little challenging. I have started to get into the fine art of coupon clipping. I need to do my part in saving this family money especially with a baby now. So I made up a grocery list and then spent the day off an on looking up coupons for those items. I don't have coupons for each item, but a good majority. lol It is nice to be able to save some money. Riley was a little fussy most of the day and I couldn't get him to take a nap. It was Chuck's last day of leave, and he spent it with his friends. He came home in the early evening so we could get the groceries, and run errands I needed to do. It was to late for a few since stores had already closed....but we made it to Best Buy to get a small freezer that we need since I am producing so much milk our freezer is full and we have no room for food. I am excited as I am the type of cook that likes to make a lot. Then it gets wasted because Chuck hates refrigerator leftovers and refuses to eat it. Now with this little freezer I can make a large meal, then divide it into small servings and freeze them. It will save us money in the long run. ;0) We also ran over to the local Borders which is closing. I am very sad about this, as even though the store isn't as great as the one we loved in El Cajon....it became my fav little book store. Well it is closing so everything is discounted. We spent about an hour in there. I found two books I wanted, Chuck found two, and Riley found 8! lol So I put back my two, Chuck put back one, and Riley got all of his. WAIT A MINUTE!!! We went to the book store to get me a book, and I didn't even get one. lol How did this happen?!! lol The deals weren't that great yet, items are still only 10-20-% off. And they don't accept borders weekly coupon there. SHADY! While we were standing in line....Riley loaded his diaper in his dad's arms! lol So Chuck left with Riley and the stroller immediately and went to the car to take care of that. ha ha I stayed to get the books. Then when Chuck came back from the parking garage to get me, Riley was throwing a fit and was starving. So we hit up Taco Bell and went home....Still no grocery shopping. Aughhh So now we are going in about 20 minutes....and we will make it to the grocery store! lol Wish us luck!!!!

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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