April 9, 2010


So Chuck has been wanting to go to Alcatraz since we moved here, and I have to say I have not desired to do so. But he found a website that sells tickets for really cheap,(http://www.alcatrazcruises.com/ )We paid $26 per ticket instead of the normal $56... and Chuck made the decision to go while he was on leave. We decided to go on his last day of leave, and so we got up early to take the first tour. We got ready, and were just about to head out when go figure his work called! They wanted something and instead of looking for it, they just went ahead and called Chuck to ask him to find it. Aughhhh This drives me nuts!! I swear his whole shop would stop functioning if it wasn't for him! Finally after a small delay we were able to head out.

Traffic was pretty slow due to an overturned semi on another one of the bridges going into San Fran. We chose the Bay Bridge, and it took forever to get to the toll part. In fact it took so long a Blimp was able to fly over us, into San Fran, and almost completely lap us before we even got to the bridge! You gotta love California traffic sometimes! Although I have to say I am a lot more patient in traffic than most are. We finally found parking and such, and the only one that wasn't really full was $35 a day! ouch! We parked over by Pier 39, and then walked up to Pier 33 where our boat was waiting. It was a very good sized boat. 3 floors, but I am thinking it was flat bottomed because it rocked a lot. The weather couldn't have been better. It was in the 70's all day, and perfect weather. We had a short boat ride to Alcatraz Island and had a short little intro to everything. Then we headed off on our own.

The nice thing about the tour is you do it yourself. And you can stay on the island as long as you want. Boats leave every half hour, and so you choose when you leave which is very nice. We spent four hours on the island. I didn't find it as amazing as Chuck did. But I loved the birds and gardens. I liked seeing the outside of the buildings more than the inside. 50% of the island is closed because it has become a habitat for birds. Since there are no predators on the island many different kinds of birds besides seagulls have come to nest on the island. So no one is allowed to go to certain parts of the island....not even the rangers that work there.

We spent four hours on the island and both got pretty sunburned! lol Chuck and his bald head forgot a hat, and neither of us thought about sunscreen! ha ha ha So now we are both using the Solar Cane to stop the burning. After we were done, we headed back on the boat to walk around Pier 39.

I hope you like some of the pics, and the video of some of the birds making the funniest sounds! ;0) don't forget to turn off the music at the bottom so you can hear the birds! ;0)

XoXo-Andrea Carla

View of the main Guard tower The Warden's or the Commandant's 15 room mansion. Solitary Confinement Alcatraz Island Cannon guarding the way to the prison Back of Prison, and the recreation yard Prison cell Broadway row Confinement Golden Gate Bridge

The opening and closing of the doors on Broadway

The Snow Egret making funny sounds like the Yip Yip Martians on Sesame street!

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