April 6, 2010

Right Place, Right Time

So yesterday after I went to the Dr.'s for a regular visit, Chuck and I were on our way to his work so he could issue out ammo and weapons for an all honors funeral. We were headed down Ygnacio Valley Rd, when right next to us we saw the back end of a van get lifted up, and the back window just pop and spray glass everywhere!! I saw everything happen and it noticed that the woman driving who had hit the van was elderly. So I had Chuck pull over and I jumped out and only grabbed my phone. I called 911 and asked for officer assistance. Luckily no one was really hurt. It seems like only minor bumps and bruises, and no one wanted medical attention. The people in the van were all right. The little kids were luckily in their car seats, or it would have been a completely different story. Chuck had to go to work, so he left me there since I had reported the accident I needed to stay. So I stayed and made sure everyone was all right. The driver of the van was 7 months pregnant and a high risk pregnancy. She was a little difficult to talk to. She was so upset about the accident that she wasn't able to listen. I was concerned for her because she was only lasting on the large amount of adrenaline she had just received, and might not feel so great once it starts to drop. I finally got her to sit down and rest a little. The elderly woman was holding it together pretty well, but she was really shaken up. I kept my arm around her the whole time trying to calm her down. You could tell she was mad at herself for the accident and she was upset because she didn't know how to get her husband from the gym. She kept trying to call him, but he wasn't picking up since he had already put his belongings in his locker at the gym. So I called the gym and had them announce over the intercom for him to come to the counter. She was so relieved once she was able to talk to him. I thought it was cute how she was able to relax a little once she could talk to him.

Both cars were towed, and I gave my statement. It turned out a third car was involved, but he only nicked the corner of the SUV and not much damage was done at all. After the cars were gone, and the police left I was still there because Chuck had left with my car. So I was at the accident for a few hours. But I am glad I was there to help. I was the only witness who had stopped and the only one who had stopped to help. I am glad I did though. And I am so happy that everyone was all right.

XoXo-Andrea Carla

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